1 In 3 Women Felt They Were Overcharged In Garages

A Third of Women Believe They Were Overcharged in Garages due to Gender

Motoreasy conducted research in the UK and discovered that 29% of female motorists believe they paid more than necessary for car services, just because they were women. This suggests that garages think women don’t know much about cars or servicing costs. Subsequently, some garages seem to take advantage of the perceived ignorance. So, women feel they were overcharged in garages based on misconceptions about gender. Although women may be less likely to understand car mechanics, they know when prices are unfair.

Notably, a staggering 47% of male drivers also felt they paid too much in garages. However they did not think gender was the issue. Also, according to the survey, younger female drivers feel most vulnerable to being ‘ripped off’ in repair shops. Similarly, a quarter of women over 50 feel they same way. As a result, 31% of women drivers have quit taking their car to garages they felt were untrustworthy.

Garage Jargon or Technical Conversation is in the Past

In answer to these concerns, Motoreasy launched a brand-new online service. By providing an array of services for every motorist, they meet an unanswered need. Their services range from warranty protection, MOTs, tax, repairs, GAP insurance, breakdown cover and more. You can save up to 40% on services and repairs.

Motoreasy offers customers their own personal technician. These technicians will contact garages on your behalf in order to negotiate lower prices for parts and labour. They use their expertise to network with mechanics to obtain a fair price for you. Both before and after the service, Motoreasy will collect and deliver your car. With a personalised membership, you can track the service progress at any time. Also, Motoreasy created a rank of garages based on feedback from customers and Motoreasy technicians.

Motoreasy certainly had the average motorist in mind when they created these helpful services.

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