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10 Common Issues Car Owners Face & How To Deal With Them

With over 1.4 billion cars in use on the world’s roads today, the car manufacturing and repair industries are huge global businesses. Whilst modern cars are built to very high standards occasionally things do go wrong, especially if regular maintenance is not performed or your lifestyle demands that you drive long distances annually. Cars are equipped with warning systems to alert you of any problems they may be experiencing and should not be ignored to prevent further damage.

Maintaining your car regularly can be an inconvenience and seem unnecessary at the time but can save you money in the long run, not to mention reduce the risk of injury to the driver, passengers, and other road users. Simple tests can be carried out by the car owners themselves, the most commonly performed is checking the treads on the tires to ensure they are still safe to use. If you find the treads are low you will need to replace them, to get a good price order tires online and advice, don’t forget to check the spare. Here are 10 of the most common problems people face as car owners how to resolve them.

1. The Steering Wheel Is Trembling And Feels Loose

There are several various reasons why a steering wheel might shake and tremor when driving, the most common include, the wheel bearings being damaged, which you will notice when you first start the car, and suspension damage. If the car and steering wheel vibrate more the faster you are driving it is likely tire or wheel balance issues. You will need to take the vehicle to a qualified mechanic, it is often a very simple procedure to realign wheels.

2. The Car Is Using Too Much Oil

Fresh and clean oil is essential for a car to run correctly, but if you are constantly filling up your car with oil you may have a problem. If you notice a drop in performance of your car or the oil light comes on, you will, without doubt, need to check the oil. Failure to change the oil regularly can lead to the engine corroding. Using lesser quality oil or not regularly changing the oil can cause blockages in the oil filter, it is best to high-grade oil when you change the oil and change the filter at the same time.

3. The Car Is Giving Out Very High Emissions 

The emission system of your car is extremely well designed to make sure your car runs properly and helps to reduce pollution. Like any other mechanical part, it can have problems from time to time, and this can cause a number of issues for your car. For example, an O2 sensor that is not working correctly can cause problems in the fuel mixture, this will have a negative effect on the running of the car, both mechanically and the economy of the vehicle.

4. The Battery Is Prone To Losing Power

It is a very common problem for car owners and one which can be very frustrating. Usually, it is a simple error or the owner not switching off a light. Taillights are often to blame after the wiring has come loose due to the constant opening and closing of the trunk, this causes them to sometimes not switch off and will drain the battery if left unrepaired. Have the alternator checked by a mechanic before you buy a new battery, the alternator charges the battery and if it is now functioning correctly that is most likely the problem.

5. Squeaking, Squealing, Grinding, And Unresponsive Brakes

Nobody needs to be told just how important the brake system on your car is, but they are designed to wear out over time. If you start to hear noises when you apply the brakes or find you need to press the brake pedal harder to achieve the results you require, it is time to see a qualified mechanic and have them inspect the braking system. If the brakes start to grind this is an immediate sign that they are failing and dangerous.

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6. Try To Avoid A Broken Starter Motor

The starter motor is the main component that cranks the engine and begins the starting process. If the starter motor fails, it’s usually because the electrical solenoid has been damaged, the starter motor breaks or another electrical problem has occurred, possibly the starter relay. It is best to replace this before it happens, but it is very hard to predict when this might happen. It is best to have a mechanic perform a starter test to try and prevent any problems.

7. Preventing The Overheating Of Your Car

Long gone of the days when cars would regularly overheat, modern cars have such high-tech cooling systems installed that they rarely overheat. But it can still happen and you should not be complacent about it, ensuring that the water pump is in good working order and the radiator is functioning correctly will help to prevent any heating issues.

8. Getting Less Miles From Your Fuel

When your engine is running normally you will achieve more miles from your fuel. If you don’t have your car regularly maintained by a qualified mechanic, you will notice a decrease in distances you can travel for the same amount of money. Having the fuel and air filters cleaned or replaced can greatly improve fuel efficiency. Oil and spark plug changes should also be made to help maintain the engine in your car.

9. Potential Issues With Rust

You don’t really associate modern cars with rust, but it is still a problem for car owners.  A small bit of rust on the bodywork is cosmetic but underneath your car or on the exhaust can be much more serious, as can the wheel arches. Check regularly especially if you live in a damp or humid environment, every few months take a look at these vulnerable places, and if you see rust take the car to your local mechanic for assistance.

10. The Speaker Failing To Work In Your Car

Ok, not the most serious problem that can happen to your car but still annoying. If you happen to commute a lot for work or need to visit friends or family, listening to the news or your music can be very relaxing and help take away some of the tedium of driving for hours on end. Thankfully the problem is usually just a wire that has worked itself loose, with the electrics in modern cars being so complicated it is not worth trying to fix yourself, and should take the car to a local garage to be fixed.


Regardless of the car you have and how much care you take of it, you will have issues with it at some point. Regular maintenance will help you to avoid any serious problems. But there are many factors in how often you have these problems, driving style is one of the main contributing factors. Neglecting to take your car for regular maintenance or ignoring a problem is only going to make matters worse and can end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. And most of all driving a defective car is not safe for you, your passengers, and other road users.

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