12 Ways To Avoid Breakdowns When You Drive A Classic Car

Running a classic car is a rollercoaster of emotions. It may not seem daunting but have its class. They say not everyone can handle a classic car in this era and that is not contradictory at all. It is 100% true.

Handling a classic car requires much more attention than any fast-moving sports car. Though classics are like driving to a love destination on a memory lane but can also be a financial nightmare. Either you get to learn and accept that you can take care of your classic car or get Fast Sydney Towing’s services to get both ends. It’s this way or that way, not a third way around.

Although there are 12 simple ways you can take into consideration to avoid the chances of your classic car’s breakdown.

Research About Your Car

If you haven’t bought a classic car yet, then, wait a bit before making a selection. You need to research about classic cars and explore which one suits you better.

The Safety

Where are you planning to keep your classic car? If it’s a garage then you are saved but if you are considering to park it outside then, you might want to invest in a breathable and waterproof car cover. Let’s not forget the killer of a car is rust. Make sure your classic is waxed and protected under a seal.


Classic or not, a car needs fuel to run. Before going for a journey your fuel tank should be filled. Concerning your classic choice of car, you might want to have a fuel bottle under your trunk just in case you run out of it. It happens quickly in a classic sometimes.

Oil Check

If an oil level is left unresolved it can create massive damage and cause a breakdown leading to catastrophic engine damage. The oil changes and its suitability should match your car’s requirement. Keep a check of oil level now and then.

Check Your Coolant

The last thing you need is a frozen engine. Check your car’s coolant level to make sure that doesn’t happen. When the engine seems cold, double the coolant level of your classic car.

Engine Air Filter

A clogged and faulty engine air filter can decrease fuel efficiency and even lead to low engine power. Your classic car needs a check of your air filter.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are integral to the running of your engine. More than one faulty plug can cause your engine misfire.


Properly functioning-brakes is what you need. Never underestimate the brake oil’s importance and a daily check on it.

Screen Wash

It should be in running condition. The screen needs to be neat and clean while driving.


From headlights, fogs and to the battery. Your electrics should be updated and running in full smooth condition.


Keep things clean in your car.


Take a lookout for your exteriors. Don’t over-do things that may cause damage at some point.

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