BougeRV 12V 28 Litre Portable Refrigerator Review

One of the most over-looked camping accessories, I find, is the very thing that keeps your food and drinks chilled. For decades now, the good old ice box has served us well. But I wonder… With newer tech, perhaps there’s a more elegant solution to keeping your perishables (and booze) cold as you’re exploring the grandness of mother nature. That solution, it seems, might be this BougeRV 12V, 28-litre portable refrigerator.

The idea of hauling an actual fridge with you to a campsite might sound silly at first. But, when you look at how well it works, an old-school icebox seems primitive by comparison. For starters, the BougeRV fridge is much more effective at keeping things cold. That ice in your ice box will eventually need topping up. But, a BougeRV fridge requires only electricity, as well as its super-neat compressor refrigeration system.

With the latter on hand, the BougeRV portable fridge can rapidly chill its insides down to a low 32°F within just 16 minutes. So, if you brought along any fresh veggies or ice cream, you can bet that they’ll be kept all nice and chilly. Not to mention, it’s not really a small fridge, either. At 28 litres (or 30 quarts) big, it’ll easily fit 1-gallon milk jugs, water bottles, soda cans, chocolate bars, meat, fruits, or even some ice-cold beer.

As far as size is concerned, it’s as big as some of the larger ice boxes out there. But, when it comes to their refrigeration and chilliness, there’s no competition… The BougeRV portable fridge keeps things cold faster, for longer, and more effectively. However, BougeRV isn’t the first to make a portable fridge. Many brands before them have failed, and all because of one critical flaw… The amount of electricity needed to run it.

Keeps Your Drinks Ultra-Cold For You

Well, that’s not so much of a worry here, as BougeRV had it all figured out. Their 28-litre unit here is pretty energy-efficient for a fridge. While it’s idling or just running normally, it’ll only consume 45W. Or, around 450Wh per day. Meanwhile, in its more potent, fast-cooling mode, it’ll take in upwards of 60W. It equates to, still, around 600Wh per day of energy usage. Anything under 1kWh of electricity is ideal.

Additionally, inputting current to power the fridge is handily accessible. This is a crucial trait, because you won’t often find a reliable mains outlet while you’re off-the-grid. In this case, all you need is a simple 12V or 24V DC power supply. Alternatively, it’ll take in between 110 to 240V on AC power. Thus, you’ll readily be able to plug the BougeRV fridge into your car, campervan, SUV, and most other vehicles, like boats.

Nonetheless, there’s another concern that we need to address, and that’s the possibility of it draining your car’s battery. Aha, BougeRV has solved that conundrum, as well! Their portable refrigerator here has a 3-stage battery protection and charging mode. Hence, it could automatically detect voltage, power off if the supply voltage is too low, and cut power in or out whenever it needs to. This would protect the fridge, too.

Speaking of, the exterior of the BougeRV fridge has a shockproof design. So, if you’re going off-roading, it could tilt as much as 30°, without any problems coping with it. If you’re too paranoid, you could purchase an optional cover to provide additional protection. For its $309.99 price, the BougeRV portable fridge isn’t cheap. But, if you’re looking to up your camping game, it’s definitely worth considering getting one.

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