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Why 2017 Is A Good Time To Be A Car Enthusiast

Every new year seems to bring with it exciting new developments in automotive technology. Most people know something about electric cars, and if you live in a big city, you have probably seen one although you may not have

heard it. Electric cars in the US are now required to include simulated engine noises so that pedestrians know when they are coming. They are so quiet that they represent a danger; like a big cat stalking its prey, electric are now liable to sneak up on you. They represent the necessary next stage. It is clear to everyone that as the earth’s resources of oil continue to depleted, combustion engines as we know them now will become less and less practical. Electric cars obviously still require an energy source but as sustainable, or green, forms of energy start to be more widespread, non-fuel burning vehicles will become more common, eventually replacing the cars with which we are now familiar.

Another exciting development is driverless cars. Google and Tesla have already tested them in California and it is only a matter of time before they become more commercially available. The cars that are currently on the market are not actually autonomous but only contain features such as autopilot that assist the driver. They can also warn drivers of potential collisions and some brake automatically when they sense that such a procedure is necessary. They are not without their problems yet though. It was reported recently that a Tesla autopilot vehicle drove into a police motorcycle in Phoenix, Arizona. The car was said to be moving at about three miles per hour so thankfully no one was hurt. In any case, the progress that is being made in the direction of autonomous cars is exciting. As the technology becomes more sophisticated, it is thought that it will make driving safer on a day to day basis.

With all new technology, the price is as first quite steep. However, it will decrease in inverse proportion to the amount of time that has passed since its release, and also its prevalence amongst consumers. If you want to join the next era of cars on the ground floor but you can’t afford to right away, check out Cutting edge cars become a lot cheaper when you get to pay for them a month at a time.

Many modern cars already have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capacities built into them. They can connect to your phone, so you can take calls easier, or play music from your iPod if you prefer. However, the same technology will soon be used to communicate with more than the devices in your pocket. In what is being called V2V, cars will be able to communicate with each other and inform the vehicles nearby of their speed, position, and direction. All new cars are set to have it by 2023. Also, V2I technology is being developed which will allow cars to communicate with stationary objects such as road signs or traffic signals.

It is said that one should be grateful for living in interesting times. Car enthusiasts have plenty to be grateful for right now.

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