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2017’s Best And Worst Family Cars So Far

As we are now halfway through 2017, we thought it’s about time we take a look at how the car year is going so far. So, here’s our blog post on the year’s best and worst family cars so far!


  • Land Rover Discovery – There is no wonder that Land Rover has such a strong reputation when it comes to motors. Even though the name is more often associated with off-road vehicles, the company also produces some very fine family friendly vehicles, such as the Discovery. You’ll find that it drives like a dream and comes with plenty of space for your kids and luggage! True, they can be quite expensive to buy, but easifleet’s novated lease calculator can show you just how affordable they can be to lease. So, if you have always wanted to own a Land Rover but were always put off by the price, why not consider leasing?

  • Honda Civic – Honda is known for producing good little runarounds, and the Honda Civic is certainly no different. It has excellent handling and suspension, making it very good to drive. You will also find plenty of storage space in the trunk and back seats. This also tops many safest car lists as well as it comes with a range of special safety features. Not only that, though, but it works out very economical to drive!
  • Toyota Prius – The Toyota Prius is known for being one of the best hybrid cars on the market at the minute, so it’s an obvious choice for anyone who wants to drive around in an eco-friendly vehicle.Did you know that most taxi companies now use the Prius in their fleet? If taxi drivers like it, then you can be sure it’ll be comfortable for your whole family!


  • Infiniti Q30 – Not heard of the Infiniti Q30? I wouldn’t worry about it – not many people have. And there is a very good reason for that: it’s just not that good! Even though hatchback cars often sell very well with families, this one just hasn’t been hitting its target audience. That could be to do with the lack of storage space. Or maybe it’s because you can buy a few better cars for a lot cheaper prices? Whatever the reason, it doesn’t look like this car’s popularity is going to be given a boost anytime soon.
  • Peugeot 407 – Previous Peugeot cars have always been highly rated, especially amongst families. However, something has gone wrong with the 407. It looks like the most common reason for breakdowns is to do with the brakes system. Unless Peugeot does something about that, it looks like its popularity might be on the decline.

So, there we have it: 2017’s best and worst family cars. Which one will you invest in?

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