2022 Dodge Barracuda

2023 Dodge Barracuda – When Will It Finally Arrive?

Rumors of the 2023 Dodge Barracuda have been circling for many, many years. It has been said that the new Barracuda, under the Dodge name, will be replacing the SRT Challenger. More information on the Dodge was speculated to be revealed in 2020, but it seems Dodge fans will have to wait till 2023 or even 2024 for an update. Fret not, follow this article to see what we already know about the new Barracuda:

2023 Dodge Barracuda

Here’s all we know or can speculate about with the supposedly upcoming 2023 or 2024 Dodge Barracuda…

For now, the design of the Barracuda has not been officially revealed. However, there have been many exciting rumors of what the new car will look like.

2023 Dodge Barracuda Design

The modern Barracuda will have an all-new neo-retro design that will resemble the Challenger and pay tribute to the original Plymouth Barracuda. A predecessor with a Challenger body and incredible speed.

As we all know, the most recognizable design from Dodge is the third-generation model. The new Barracuda will resemble this model and so expect it to have a coupe macho look. This will include possible additional aerodynamic lines and streamlining which will give a leaner sleeker edge, much like the Challenger.

Supposedly, Dodge will have a fresh, new styling that will hopefully inspire the next generation Charger.

The Barracuda will be slightly smaller, and maybe a bit wider – which will give the car that macho look. The wheelbase will perhaps be shorter between 105 and 110 inches whereas the Challenger measured 116 inches. Rumors suggest that the design is based on the Alfa Romeo Giulia chassis, if so, then the Barracuda will be lighter than its predecessor.

A fantastic graphics package will accompany the Barracuda that reflects the classic models, just as the modern Challenger did. Expected within the package are upper stripes on the rear fenders, full-length stripes on the hood, and black roofs. Perhaps aggressive bumpers and diffusers, different hood vents on different trims, and wings on a sportier, more expensive Barracuda will be added.

There has also been speculation on whether Dodge will offer a convertible version of the Barracuda. This will be advantageous, as the Cuda is available as a convertible as well as the Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro. Hopefully, Dodge will give this alternative for an even more comfortable cruise.

2023 Dodge Barracuda Interior

The Barracuda’s interior must be up to date or even better than the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro, so although the details remain unknown we can expect a similar degree of features. These features will improve luxury, safety, and ride quality compared to the previous Barracuda.

Of course, the interior setup will be two front seats and a three-person bench in the rear – providing seats for two passengers to accommodate the sporty coupe.

There will maybe be the use of modern materials such as soft fabrics, leather, and Alcantara used interchangeably in the base model and the more expensive trims.

For the top-ranging model, aluminum and maybe even carbon fiber may be used to replace the basic metal trim found in the original.

2022 Dodge Barracuda

Regarding tech, the inclusion of certain aspects will differ from the less expensive to the most expensive Barracuda. The most expensive could hold a 10-inch infotainment display in the dashboard, but perhaps smaller, around 7-8 inches in lesser expensive models situated in between the instrument cluster clocks.

Since there is a height reduction in the Barracuda compared to the Challenger, there will be less but adequate room for passengers and luggage. This, with the addition of advanced technologies and infotainment systems, will keep up the standard with the old coupe.

New Dodge Engine

The new Dodge Barracuda is set to reach higher speeds than any other cars in the lineup. This means that there must be an improvement in the engine.

Some rumors claim it will be a 3.6-liter V6 engine – the same engine as the Challenger – which will live on in the new Barracuda with a torque of 269lbft. Since the Barracuda is supposed to be smaller there will be no reason to push horsepower so high.

Other people say a powerful 6.2-liter or 6.4-liter engine accompanied with a larger bore of 105.4mm for a longer stroke can expect the Barracuda to push to 800hp. If this turbocharged, eight-cylinder engine is introduced then this will be a first for FCA’s muscle car. The Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro also offer this, but the Challenger is yet to.

The Challenger features two aspirated engines: a 5.7-liter Hemi and a 6.4-liter Hemi. If the Dodge decides to keep these running, the horsepower output will deliver a similar power in the Barracuda. A smaller vehicle in comparison to the Challenger could result in more marginal power alterations.

There may be an E85 map that complements the horsepower output of the engine. This means the Barracuda could reach high speeds such as 203mph, similar to the infamous Viper.

2023 Dodge Barracuda Platform

The Dodge platform will be an old Daimler one and ditch the Plymouth Barracuda Platform. Originally, most speculated that it was going to be built around the Giorgio platform as they now have access to European platforms from Fiat. However, with the newly-formed Stellantis having canned the Giorgio platform altogether, we’re no longer sure.

2022 Dodge Barracuda

The aforementioned Giorgio platform underpins the Alfa Romeo Giulia and the Stelvio sports SUV. The Giulia is a very unique sedan and would have been beneficial for the Barracuda’s platform as a coupe.

With Alfa Romeo having already developed high-performance versions of the Giulia, the manufacturers are probably borrowing ideas for the Dodge. Some do not agree with this as they feel by using the Italian platform, as it will impact the purity of the muscle car’s features.

2023 Dodge Barracuda Chassis

The chassis is rumored to be of smaller production in comparison to the Challenger. Although the platform may be an Alfa Romeo Giulia, the new Barracuda will certainly wear the legends badge, the Cuda, proudly.

2023 Dodge Barracuda Suspension

The setup of the suspension is supposed to complement the great power of the Barracuda’s engine. Its new widebody frame that the Dodge team has manufactured has many setups with in-house and third-party specialists, such as magnetic dampening and an independent rear suspension. However, the inclusion of a rear axle setup that is also featured on the Challenger is not certain.

The top-ranking suspension setup will perhaps feature stiffer springs and a lower ride height.

Unlike the platform, the Dodge won’t borrow too many ideas for the suspension. It seems that the SRT team, which includes people who worked on the Viper, will be developing the Barracuda’s suspension.

How Much Will It Cost

The Barracuda has created quite the excitement in the car industry, but it seems it will come at an affordable price which is great for enthusiasts of Dodge.

The Dodge Barracuda may retail for $28,000. The base model will cost between $26,000 and $26,750 – which competes with the retail prices of the Camaro and Mustang. The pricing seems fair for a vehicle, but if you want the top-performing version of the Barracuda, then $70,000 is the retail price.

When Will The Barracuda Go Into Production

Remember, the Dodge Barracuda has been a rumor since 2007, and since there has been no confirmation, fans of the Dodge must not get ahead of themselves. Production dates were falsely set for 2009 and 2014, and later on, the date was set to 2020-2023, according to sources and leaked concept photos.

The company is looking to battle Chevy Camaro and Ford GT.

The end of 2023 predicted an official preview or concept of the Barracuda but it seems to be all quiet thus far. Therefore, we may speculate that it might be pushed back towards early 2023. Leaked information writes that because the Challenger did so well, by introducing a new car Dodge did not want to sabotage any form of sales. Perhaps in the coming year, there will be more information on the production.

Barracuda Set To Replace Viper

The unforgettable Dodge SRT Viper ceased production in 2017 due to sales, safety, emissions, and other issues. However, the Viper was an American favorite and an outstanding brand.

Insider information suggests that the Conner Avenue plant which held most of the Vipers resources will be redesigned for the production of the new Barracuda.

The Barracuda is rumored to take the place of the Viper. But, is uncertain whether it will wear the Dodge or Chrysler badge. The replacement will only take place if the Barracuda is turned fully into a sports car. If not, then the Viper will remain without a successor, as of now. It seems the Barracuda is set to mimic the Challenger rather than the Viper.

2023 Dodge Barracuda Limited Edition

So the Barracuda might replace the Challenger or the Viper. Meanwhile, some predict that the Dodge Barracuda will actually be a limited edition car. This car will stand on its own, have a higher cost, and perhaps will increase if there is a fixed number of units.

An Argument Against A New Barracuda Return

Rumors supporting the production of the new Dodge Barracuda have been ongoing for the last 10 years. If we take a look at the time frame from 2014, Sergio Marchionne passed in 2018 meaning there was a new head of FCA. In early 2023, the head of FCA is set to merge with Peugeot-Citroen. This will mean that FCA then became Stelliantis and was forced to work with models that have been made redundant.

Research has shown that in the United States consumers purchase crossovers, SUVs, or pickup trucks the most. Thus, if we compare this to the Dodge it may not prove as popular as it is a smaller sports coupe.

The Barracuda is supposed to be built on the Alfa Romeo Guilia platform and has been speculative for years. However, this platform has been available for some time and has since been ditched. In its place, the next-generation Giulia will be built atop the module STLA (Stella) platform. So, perhaps revived Barracuda might be built on it, too.

The new Dodge is described to be smaller than the other cars in the line-up. Although, it is not that much smaller than the Challenger muscle car.

2023 Dodge Barracuda Essential Knowledge

  1. The iconic Muscle car, the Barracuda, is rumored to be making a comeback under the Dodge brand.
  2. The Barracuda is expected to be a proper old-school Muscle car, like its predecessor, and around 250 pounds lighter than the competition.
  3. The Barracuda is expected to be based on the Giorgio platform, making it lighter and more compact than the Challenger and not a replacement for it.
  4. The Barracuda is expected to have three engine options, with the top-dog being the Hellcat 6.2-liter supercharged V-8.
  5. The mid-level Barracuda is said to come with a 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine, while the base engine is expected to be the 2.4-liter “Tiger Shark” inline-four engine.
  6. The Barracuda is said to feature a retro-inspired design combining LED lights, a thin grille, and a large bumper with massive air intakes.
  7. The Barracuda is expected to have a wide array of driver assists, although they can be turned off for burnouts and donuts.
  8. The car has already been revealed at a dealers-only event, indicating that it has already been built.
  9. The expected base price for the Barracuda is around $25,000, and the top-spec version is expected to start at around $60,000.
  10. The Barracuda will go up against the likes of the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still curious to learn more about the 2023 Dodge Barracuda, our FAQs here might help…

When Will 2023 Cars Come Out

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot of plans on hold, while other automakers are scrambling to re-schedule new releases. In some cases, certain automakers even skipped the 2023 model year altogether, owing to numerous supply chain issues, parts shortages, and other delays thanks to the Coronavirus. However, as automakers are slowly getting back into the game, they’ll start unveiling new cars pretty soon. Usually, new model years are unveiled at the start of the year. For instance, 2023 model year vehicles were unveiled as early as the beginning of 2021. Meanwhile, 2023 model year cars are already widespread now that we’re in 2023. Soon, all the 2024 model year vehicles will start to drop in early 2023.

When Did Plymouth Go Out Of Business

Plymouth, once one of the most celebrated American automakers, especially among enthusiasts, went out of business in 2001. It was initially unveiled as a low-price brand by the Chrysler Corporation back in 1928. It had competed in a market dominated by Ford and Chevy at the time. By the 1990s, Plymouth was selling in high volumes, but by then, their once beloved personality had all but disappeared. Most of its models by the 1990s overlapped with others made by brands like Dodge (also under Chrysler). Moreover, Chrysler’s focus on making Plymouth a low-cost, value brand meant that it further isolated buyer appeal. Plymouth gradually continued to decline, before their final car, a Chrysler Neon, rolled off the line on June 28, 2001.

Does Plymouth Still Make Cars

Nope, as Plymouth went out of business back in 2001. In the years leading up to and following its demise, what vehicles it used to make were consolidated and badged as either a Dodge or a Chrysler. It was a sad end to one of America’s most iconic and once-beloved automakers, which became especially popular in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Plymouth’s annual production peaked at 730,000 units in 1973, though by the late 90s, they barely cracked 200,000 units. Their fall from grace ultimately led DaimlerChrysler to announce in 1999 that Plymouth would make its final car in 2001. This vehicle would end up being a Chrysler (or Dodge) Neon, which has since been kept as a collector’s piece.

Is Dodge Bringing Back The Barracuda

There have been countless rumors that the legendary Barracuda muscle car is due to make its return. Since Plymouth has ceased to exist, it’ll likely come about and be badged as a 2023 Dodge Barracuda, if it ever makes it to production. These rumors have been swirling around for a long time, as folks initially speculated that the Dodge Barracuda might show up in early 2021. As of writing in mid-2023, we’ve yet to see the 2023 Dodge Barracuda, which may end up being pushed back to 2023 or later. This is assuming that Dodge will even commit to putting a Barracuda into production, as other than announcing that an electric Dodge muscle car is coming in 2024, they’ve been rather quiet about any Barracuda.

Who Made Barracuda Cars

The Barracuda was built by Plymouth between 1964 to 1974. The earlier iterations of the Barracuda were based on the unassuming Plymouth Valiant, although significant changes were made. Most notably, this included the fastback styling and vast rear wrap-around glass. As Plymouth and Dodge were both owned by Chrysler at the time, this meant that the Barracuda was related to other famed muscle cars like the Dodge Dart and Dodge Challenger. It wasn’t until the third-generation Barracuda launched in 1970 that we finally saw its iconic look. This generation of the Barracuda is well-known for its bright and colorful paintwork, flashy decals, muscular styling, and absolutely savage performance. Alas, the 1973 Oil Crisis marked the demise of the Barracuda, and it has yet to be revived.

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  • Butch Says

    Just a couple things…the first Cuda should be made to resemble the famed 1970 version. That would mean one headlight on each side, and slotted tail lights. Also a convertible must be offered. It would be wise to go full retro on this vehicle and have sales go through the roof. Shaker hoods should definitely be available and wouldn’t it be great to see cubic inch badges on the fenders denoting engine size, instead of European decimal badges? A 426 Hemi Cuda would break sales records. Yes it would.

  • Gilbert Tracey Says

    I had 5 types of barracudas, some were classified as cudas. I had the original 340 six pack AAR with 4 speed shifter. Also a 440 in a 73 barracuda ,a 383 motor in a 71 Cuda. The others had 318 cc. I would love to have a new Cuda if they were made.

    • Bob Says

      Mine was 340 4speed pistol grip 300 horses 411 rock crusher 202 valves.i beat everything including 396 chevels

    • Mick Moore Says

      I had a 383 Magnum Cuda. Kick myself every day for selling it way back when…

  • Joseph Cerrito Says

    I had a 1970 cuda 440 with Holley 780 carb. Had a great time. Looking for another.

    • Zack Norman Says

      Thanks for the comment, Joseph Cerrito!

      I’m definitely looking forward to seeing them make a new Cuda, too!

  • Bob Meade Says

    I owned five fastback Barracudas, got my license in a brand new 1970 barracuda. Would love to have another. Any model style was great. Have seen much debate as to badging it as a Dodge. Why not Chrysler – Chrysler Cuda?

    • Zack Norman Says

      Thanks for the comment, Bob Meade!

      I’d certainly love to see them actually make this thing come true, as well! I’m guessing the re-badge might be Stellantis’ bid to keep their performance portfolio consolidated under the Dodge brand, while Chrysler could focus on other ventures like EVs.

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