3 Car Repairs That You Should Know How to Make

Auto warranties are incredibly useful for getting major issues with your car fixed in a cost effective way. Often times, these types of warranties include repairs of your car’s air conditioning and heating, safety features, and electrical components.

You can keep the usefulness of your auto warranty by opting to purchase an extended auto warranty. This type of warranty is worth getting, as choosing one comes with fewer restrictions and can be purchased from a third party. Here’s a review of the best reputable extended auto warranty companies to acquaint you with the options that are available.

Despite the security that comes with having an extended auto warranty, sometimes the process of visiting your warranty company, whether it be the dealer or an unaffiliated company, to make a repair can be an inconvenience if the issue your car has is a minor one. In other cases, the issue your car is experiencing may not be covered under the particular warranty that you hold.

Knowing some basic fixes will:

  • Prevent an unnecessary trip to the provider of your warranty
  • Save you if a minor issue ever renders your car useless in an emergency

The following 3 car repairs are some commonly experienced issues, and can be easily done at home or elsewhere with conventional tools.

1) Dead Battery

If your engine cranks when the key is turned, but doesn’t start, it is likely your car battery is dead. A car’s battery can die to factors like age or leaving your car’s headlights on for a prolonged period of time.

Luckily, reviving a dead car battery can be done yourself with a pair of jumper cables. This tool can be easily obtained from a neighbor or another driver on the road if you don’t have one in your vehicle. After acquiring a pair of jumper cables, recruit a nearby friend or Good Samaritan with a functioning car.

To make the repair, begin by putting both cars in park. Take the two red clips and attach one to your battery’s positive terminal and the other to the operating car’s positive terminal. Then, take the two black clips and attach one to the operating car’s negative terminal, and the other to an unpainted metal surface of your car. Turn on the engine of the working car, let it run for a couple of minutes, and start the engine.

This fix will get you out of your driveway to where you need to be!

2) Wiper Blade Replacement

Wiper blades are often not covered under auto warranties. Squeaky and worn-out wiper blades, while an annoyance, aren’t usually an emergent issue. However, they can sometimes break and become useless if you need to drive through inclement weather that limits visibility.

Be prepared for these circumstances by having a spare set of wipers in your glove box. No further tools are required. Simply slide your old wiper blades out while depressing the wiper’s tab and install the new blade into the same groove to help you drive with increased visibility.

3) Radiator Hose Leak 

Radiator hoses can become leaky overtime and cause your vehicle to overheat. Repair this by using the rubber cement and clamps of a hose leak kit. Unfortunately, this is fix is only temporary, as a hose replacement will eventually be required. However, this repair will prevent your car from dangerously overheating while you make arrangements for the hose to be replaced.

Take Car Repair Seriously!

Be a responsible car owner to avoid hassle, or worse, getting involved in an accident due to your own negligence. If this happens, you may have to face a car accident attorney to address the legal claims made by the victim. The more irresponsible you will be, the bigger damages you might have to pay once you are asked to pay for the compensation.

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