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3 Reasons NASCAR Deserves More Respect

Motorsports are seeing more and more attention from fans, analysts, and even bettors. Today, an offer from sportsbooks, such as a Unibet promo code, can be applied for a variety of sports. On Unibet, for example, sports fans can wager on IndyCar, NASCAR, Rally, and speedway options—along with Formula 1 markets.

Still, that doesn’t mean all racing series are treated as equal. Despite the fact that NASCAR is one of the US’s most popular sports and its main drivers rake in millions, the general perception is that the cars are clunky and slow. Many people also harbor judgments about NASCAR thanks to its Talladega Nights-esque reputation.

But NASCAR isn’t quite what it seems—especially for those who only know a few passing facts about the series. If you’re on the fence about NASCAR, here’s why you shouldn’t be.

There Are Female Champions

NASCAR is the only professional sports league in the world where men and female compete on equal footing. Though it doesn’t happen often, NASCAR has seen female drivers like Shawna Robinson, Hailie Deegan, and Manami Kobayashi take home major wins.

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Robinson won back in 1988 and ’89, while the first fem driver raced back in 1979—which highlights how long NASCAR has let its drivers hash it out on the track regardless of gender. F1, for comparison’s sake, has seen only one world championship racer back in 1976.

Fan Engagement Is Insane

NASCAR is currently rebooting quite a few elements in order to boost its appeal to fans. However, it’s worth pointing out that fans can get very close to the action through iRacing. IRacing is a virtual racing platform that lets gamers build their own at-home rig, including a steering wheel, pedals, and gears.

The platform works closely with NASCAR to recreate actual tracks and cars. Best of all, it brings on famous drivers to host unique iRacing events that let fans challenge their favorite stars while playing virtually at home.

It’s On The Up-and-Up

While not everyone has been happy with the new ‘woke’ NASCAR, the league is definitely gaining steam after a decade of slow decline. In 2021, attendance numbers jumped from back in 2019. Meanwhile, viewership in 2022 increased by around 17 percent from the previous year.

Despite the fact that many consider NASCAR a fringe interest or a low-quality variation of F1, the league is making more money than ever before. While some think it’s growing at the expense of its long-term fans, from a business perspective, NASCAR is booming.

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