3 Reasons Why We Want Matt Le Blanc on Top Gear

The news that Matt Le Blanc is to join Chris Evans in hosting the revamped version of Top Gear was met with mixed reaction last week. “Why an actor?”, “Why not a motoring journalist?”, and “Why Joey Tribbiani?”. Well, it’s clearly time for a change for the BBC giant, and here are three reasons why we will be welcoming our American cousin to our screens with open arms in May 2016:

1. He’s the fastest-ever Star in a Reasonably Priced Car

1m 42.1s in the Kia cee’d back in 2012 – very impressive! And look how chuffed and humbled he is by it:

Although people will scoff that it’s boring, I quite like how calm he is about the whole thing when he’s driving.

2. The birth of a new double act?

Haters and naysayers have doubted that Le Blanc and co-host Chris Evans will have any sort of on-screen chemistry, particularly to rival the old Clarkson, May and Hammond relationship. However, I think that maybe it might pay off with these two. They’re chalk and cheese on paper, that much must be said, very different characters. But with Le Blanc able to laugh at himself like he does in BBC comedy “Episodes”, it may just work. And even if it doesn’t, watching two presenters trying to feign chemistry always makes for hilarious viewing, doesn’t it?

3. Cars not Cast

As Evans noted back in January: “it’s not about the person, it’s about the cars, and different cars pass through, and the cast changes every week.”. Perhaps it’s high time that Top Gear became less about the personalities and more about the machines. By getting Matt Le Blanc in, who is nonetheless a friend of Top Gear but a relatively radical departure from the norm of the show, perhaps this will inspire such a shift? Whether this is what the people want is another story, but with the original Top Gear line-up set to return to screens on Amazon Prime this year too, there is a choice here.

Do you embrace the new line-up or stick with what you know? I’m just excited to see if Le Blanc makes many “Friends” in-jokes.

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