4 Reasons Why Repairing Your Junk RV is a Road to Nowhere

Anyone who’s owned an RV for more than a minute knows that it can be an expensive lifestyle or hobby. Those who own a rig with over a decade of use and many clicks of the odometer can feel the pain of the revolving door of costly but necessary repairs. When your rig spends more time being repaired than it does on the road, there comes a time when its expense far outweighs its benefits. But how RVers know when it’s time to throw in the towel?

Why Repairing Your Junk RV is a Road to Nowhere

Typically, the main purpose of an RV is to take you on many adventures away from your bricks and sticks while providing some creature comforts. For some, it’s their permanent home. However you use yours, there will come a time when it begs for repairs, and you’re not sure if you should comply or not.

An easy way out is to unburden yourself of a troublesome rig by selling it to a junk RV buyer in New Mexico. They pay more than a junkyard and will come to you and haul your wreck away. But, if you’re still unsure of what to do, here are some solid reasons why spending money on repairing your junk RV is a road to nowhere.

Lost Time on the Road

Think back to the reason you purchased your RV. Whether you bought it brand spanking new or new to you, the reason was to use it, right? Once your rig reaches the point of requiring a costly repair, one that’s significant but necessary, it’ll need to be fixed. If your money is funny at the moment, most likely, your RV is sitting stationary, waiting for the much-needed money to get it back on the road. A broken RV that’s stagnant and unused equates to lost time using it for vacations or weekend adventures. There’s no sense in holding onto something that you can’t afford to fix.

Throwing Good Money After Bad

Just like any other type of vehicle, RVs depreciate as the months and years go by. This is the sad reality of RV ownership. A rig over ten years old could have lost more than half of its original value. The flipping point between paying for a repair and throwing money away is when the repair is equal to or more than half of the RV’s value. To determine what yours is worth, you can use a free online RV value calculator. Once armed with this information, it’s easy to know if the repair is worth it or not.

Safety and Liability

The safety of an RV should be of high priority to its owner. If you’ve neglected a needed repair or have skipped on its preventative maintenance, operating an unsafe RV is never a wise choice. Older rigs have more problems, and if you’ve ever worried about a mechanical breakdown while out on an adventure, you’re obviously either going to have to dump more money into your RV or dispose of it.

Frequency of Repairs

Sometimes, it’s not one major repair that breaks the bank but the frequency of lesser ones. Older and well-used RVs tend to have more and more mechanical issues as they put on the miles. The straw that breaks the camel’s back may not be a major mechanical breakdown; it could be the revolving door of small but necessary repairs. Look back on the last six months of repair bills for your rig. Those little bills can add up quickly.

The Bottom Line: Repair Your RV or Sell It?

In a nutshell, if you need to dump more money into RV repairs than its resale value, that’s a big red flag that it’s probably time to unburden yourself of unnecessary costs. But how do you sell an RV that’s now considered junk? This is the second dilemma RV owners face.

The most convenient and profitable way to unload a junk RV is to sell it to a specialized junk RV dealer. Not only do they pay top dollar for unwanted or unusable rigs, but they’ll come directly to you, haul it away, and leave you with a handsome cash payment. Don’t waste your time and money holding onto a troublesome problem. Contact a junk RV buyer today.

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