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4 Tips to Boost Your Motorcycle Riding Skills

According to research conducted by National Motorcycle Institute America, motorcycle riders are at a 27 times higher risk of involving in an accident as compared to cars. This means you need to take extra precaution to avoid any calamity. Riders must look for best motorcycle jackets for men, put their helmets on and be very careful on the road, especially during bad weather conditions. Many factors make two-wheel riding a thrilling affair. However, just like in every other activity, you should take great care and due diligence. Human beings are prone to mistakes, regardless of whether someone is a pro or is just starting out. Today, I will provide you with four tips that will definitely come in handy riding a motorcycle.

Pick a Motorcycle you can Ride

Often times, we lack the necessary skill, experience, and confidence to ride a specific motorbike. Understand that riding a 70-cc bike is a lot different from riding a Harley Davidson. The difference is paramount. A heavy bike requires you to be on your feet (quite literally!) most of the time.
When you shift to a new bike, first make sure you get yourself familiar with the way it works and only then you should take to the roads. Once on the road, you need to look out for any vehicle charging your way from behind, balance the motorcycle with your weight, and avoid stumbling into obstacles in your way. All of these are not very easy arts to master.

So, whenever you are about to ride, think on all tangents. Can you really ride this specific motorbike? Are the roads wide enough to make maneuvers? How is the situation of the traffic and the weather? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before hopping on a motorcycle. Do not Go out of Your

Comfort Zone

There are three types of riders. People like me, who move at a steady pace, regardless of the traffic. We give courtesy on the road and ride with a very calculated approach. Then there are speed wizards, who like to ride the winds and want to reach their destinations quicker than everybody else does. Lastly, we have folks who race and engage in road stunts.

Now, you do not have to be fast or slow for the sake of what your friends do or others ask of you. Be natural, ride well inside your comfort zone. Just follow traffic rules and you will eventually get to your destination safe and sound.

Mirrors are Your Friends

There is a reason why your motorcycle comes with side mirrors. They are potential lifesavers. However, you need to adjust properly to give you a clear image of what is happening behind you. Whenever you want to change lanes or you are stuck in heavy traffic, keep a close eye on your mirrors.

Motorcycle Gear

Owning a motorcycle means it is imperative for you to wear protective gear while riding. Normally, it includes a full-face helmet that feels sturdy. A leather jacket jet (actual leather, not the one mixed with rexine) and leather gloves. You can find premium leather jackets starting at around $100. They are a little pricey but aren’t all good things pricey after all? Do not expect a $40 jacket to do the trick for you on the road!
Lastly, ride safely. As the old adage goes, “Speed thrills, but kills”.

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