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4 Ways To Increase Your Car’s Engine Horsepower

You don’t have to be a mechanic to get more horsepower out of your car’s engine. In the same manner, you don’t even have to be into full-on racing to want to improve your car’s performance. More power and enhanced performance will enhance your ride no matter where you go, whether you drive through the city center or take your car to the tracks.

When you need to enhance power, you must first learn how your car works in order to determine the best strategies to improve its efficiency. The basic principle under the hood is that your engine burns air and gasoline to produce power. Because the more your engine transfers cold air, fuel, and exhaust out, the more torque and horsepower you’ll have.

Consequently, some apparent small changes you make to your engine are essential to your vehicle’s performance. For that reason, we’ve made a list of four quick and easy ways to increase your car’s horsepower and engine performance in this article to make things easier for you.

Install A GripTec Pulley

If you want to improve your car’s engine horsepower, the first thing you should consider is installing a GripTec pulley on your supercharger. GripTec has designed a pulley surface finish that enhances belt friction without adding ribs or strain to the belt.

The key is in their “micro ablation” technique, which adds microscopic “teeth” to the surface of the pulley, substantially increasing the belt’s grip on the pulley. They are built of aerospace-grade aluminum billet 7075-T6, which is more robust and more rigid than 6061-T6.

The GripTec technology used throughout the machining process is what sets these ZR1 pulleys apart. As a consequence, belt slip is reduced, and power is increased.

Check Your Ignition

Regardless of how much gasoline and air your engine has available, if the cylinders lack the necessary spark, they will no longer function properly. You need an ignition system that carefully times the spark plugs to get the most out of the engine. Spark mistiming may create various issues, so if you are experiencing this, you should immediately contact a technician. Usually, ignition systems will not report an error code to the car’s computer until there is a problem. Still, minor issues that might deplete your engine’s power can occur without your knowledge.

A leaner air-fuel combination with a higher proportion of air will require more voltage to start each spark plug, so you might want to install an amplifier on your ignition system to generate the necessary energy. The kind you need is determined by whether you have a distributor coil that provides electricity to the spark plugs through wires or a coil-on-plug system with connections directly on the plugs. To fix this, you can upgrade your distributor system with single-channel amplifiers and new coils. Also, a multichannel ignition amplifier may be required for coil-on-plug systems.

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Put In Bigger Throttle Body And Injectors

More horsepower can also be delivered through a bigger, high-performance throttle body. Depending on the motor, you can get as much as 10-20 extra horsepower and similar torque. However, there is a catch. If you get too big, you risk losing power. Because not every engine is ideally suited to a bigger throttle body, you must conduct your research ahead of time. Explore the Internet to see what others with the same engine are doing and follow their lead. Also, keep in mind that a bigger throttle necessitates higher-flow fuel injectors. The dimensions of the throttle body and injector are proportionate.

Install A High-Performance Cold Air Intake (CAI)

The physics underlying cold air intake devices is based on the idea that air density rises as the temperature lowers. As a result, denser air burns the fuel more efficiently, increasing power. So, when you install a cold air intake system, a new air filter will certainly be included. However, the replacement filter may appear odd since it will be significantly bigger than the factory air filter, maybe up to three times larger.

Nevertheless, the cold air intake system can help smooth up the path air takes to reach the engine. Curves slow down and swirl the air as it passes through the curves. The technique allows air to get to the machine more rapidly by eliminating the convolutions in the pipes and enhancing the horsepower of your car’s engine.

Bottom Line

Let the fun times begin now that you’re aware of some typical ways to increase your car’s horsepower! There are lots of choices for giving your vehicle that extra bit of punch, whether you’re searching for some low-budget power or want to open up the pocketbook with an actual performance project.

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