5 Benefits of Sliding Axle Trailer 

Many commercial industries use trailers for hauling equipment and products both locally and over the road. Details like the type of axle you have on your trailer can make a big difference in your hauling capabilities and comfort. Below are five benefits of choosing a heavy-duty trailer that has a sliding axle.

1 – One Sliding Axle Trailer Can Offer Multiple Uses

Keeping one sliding axle trailer on hand can work for transporting all types of heavy equipment and machinery from location to location. You can choose the right size to handle the weight you normally carry by making a quick adjustment to where the axle sits beneath the bed of the trailer. The ease of hydraulic movement makes the changes fast, simple, and you can feel confident the trailer is ready for the load. Training time is minimal, which makes it a breeze for any of your drivers to prepare the trailer for their loads ahead of schedule.

2 – Get a Trailer With the Exact Number of Axles to Cover Your Transport Needs

The number of axles you add to a trailer will determine the top-end weights you can haul. You can choose trailers with single, double, or triple sliding axles. The suspension choice can also determine how smooth the ride is for your loads. You can pick springs, which are stiffer but can cross rougher territory without problems. Air ride is the smoothest movement, but not necessarily the best for rough roads. If you want to make a single investment in a sliding axle trailer, choose one that will handle your heaviest hauls from the start. You are guaranteed it can handle anything lighter with no problems.

3 – Affordable Addition for Your Trailer Fleet

When looking for a sliding axle trailer for sale, look for a source like Hale Trailer that can offer you some of the best names in quality trailers at the most affordable prices. You can choose new models from brand names such as Landoll and Trail King. They are built rugged and durable for years of regular use.

We also provide a wide selection of brand name used sliding axle trailers for sale that offer years of dependable service. All of our used trailers are inspected, well-maintained, and free of any repair needs. You can get a used name brand sliding axle trailer at a price that will fit most budgets. Add as many as you need to your existing trailer fleet.

4 – Ability to Better Stabilize Your Loads

One of the best benefits of a sliding axle trailer is the ability to easily and quickly stabilize your load. Fixed axle trailers are more difficult to load and nearly impossible to adjust after loading. No one wants to be stuck at the side of the road trying to wrestle with heavy equipment that isn’t loaded in a way that feels safe or comfortable. Instead, you can have the sliding capabilities of the axle do all the work for you. Make the adjustments you need before ever putting a load on the trailer. All your drivers will appreciate the increased control they feel with the safety and stability of the loads they haul.

5 – Evenly Distribute the Weight

No driver wants to be shut down for weight problems on a load that has an imbalance from the start. Weight stations and spot scales by DOT can keep you from continuing your journey if the load exceeds what is safe for the truck or trailer axles. It means having to wait for assistance to adjust the load when you’re dealing with fixed axle trailers.

Sliding axle trailers give you the ability to easily adjust the weight towards or away from either axle area by moving to a new position. It’s the least complicated way of readjusting the weight of your load without actually touching the items. Your driver can be legally back on the road in a short amount of time.

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