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5 Car Brands With The Most Expensive Oil Changes

When you buy an expensive car, you probably aren’t giving too much thought to the costs of upkeep and maintenance.

But they can be significant.

For the world’s most expensive luxury and sports cars, the cost of a single oil change is mind-boggling—probably more than the used car you’ve been eyeing online. Thanks to specialty parts and mechanics, oil changes for these cars can be 10-100x more expensive than the $50-100 of a typical oil change. But how expensive?  The Modesto accident attorneys of Nadrich and Cohen compiled a list of five of the priciest oil changes below. Let’s take a look.

1. Bugatti

Outside of a race track, a Bugatti is about as expensive as it gets, with the most budget-friendly model starting at a cool $3 million. Alright, alright, so you nabbed enough from the trust fund to buy an expensive car. How much more could it cost to maintain?

A lot, as it turns out. A single oil change for almost any Bugatti model can cost as much as $20,000. Why? Because it takes forever—over 20 hours, in fact—to perform the required removal of the rear wheel, real wheel panels, back bumper, rear side panel, rear center panel, the wing, the fuel cap… you get the idea. It’s incredibly complicated to perform such a specialized oil change, and if a mistake results in damages to the car, that shop is in trouble.

If you have the money to buy a Bugatti, you’re probably not too worried about the other costs. For the rest of us though, the oil change alone puts owning a Bugatti out of reach.

2. Rolls Royce

Few car brands carry the prestige of a Rolls Royce—or the oil change cost. Starting at $400,000, this signature velvety smooth ride comes at a huge premium, even if some people find the silence of the interior overwhelming to the point of feeling sick.

Like a Bugatti, a Rolls Royce requires not just skill, but time to perform an oil change. In fact, since BMW bought out Rolls Royce, the engines inside these cars are fairly well-known. The parts needed for an oil change are not expensive, but that isn’t the problem.

The cost comes from the time required to take the car apart. All that sound quieting, ride smoothing, tingle inducing luxury is expensive. The good news is that the Rolls Royce factory warranty includes basic maintenance for an undisclosed number of years. After that though, plan to spend over $4,000 a year keeping your ride in premium condition.

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3. Ferrari

Few cars have the reputation for speed and sleekness like a Ferrari. These cars start at just over $200,000 but can easily rival small mansions in price. To their credit, Ferrari has one of the longest lasting and most comprehensive maintenance programs, covering the first seven years of a new model. After that, however, costs start to rise.

Getting your Ferrari serviced at an official service center can cost between $1,000-3,000 depending on the vehicle being serviced. On top of that, the Ferrari owner community is adamant about keeping these cars in pristine condition, making it imperative to stay on top of routine maintenance so the brand can continue to hold its value well.

The good news is that a high performance car like a Ferrari doesn’t need an oil change as often as a typical commuter car. The synthetic oil, gasket ring, and filter are all designed to last, and some say these cars can go 10,000 miles before needing an oil change.

4. Lamborghini

Lamborghinis are iconic sports cars with sharp edges and aggressive looks. They are fast, can cost millions of dollars, and they require maintenance costs that aren’t far behind.

A new Lamborghini comes with a three-year comprehensive warranty that includes maintenance, but after that period, things change. A used Lamborghini Huracan can cost as much as $2,000 for an oil change, thanks to the eight drain plugs required to finish the job.

5. Pagani

Never heard of this brand before? You’re not alone. This exclusive Italian automaker limits production runs to counts in the dozens with asking prices in the millions.

YouTuber Manny Khoshbin clocks the service costs at approximately $8,000 per year for an annual service and oil change.

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