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5 Ceramic Coating Tips To Get You Started On Your Car’s Paint Protection

Ceramic coating is an excellent way to enhance and protect metal without altering its appearance. Compared to automotive paints, coatings are generally easier to apply and longer-lasting.

First-time ceramic coating customers often aren’t aware of how long the entire process takes, what type of maintenance they’ll need to do afterwards, or even where to get it. So if you live in Denver, for example, you would like to know where to get the best ceramic coating Arvada CO specialist.

Read on to find out some important tips every first-timer should know before going through with ceramic coating.

1. Prepping For Ceramic Coating

With ceramic coating, you’re doing more than just putting a layer of durable paint on your car. It’s essential to follow proper prep work if you want to get a flawless finish.

If you fail to prep correctly, there’s a chance that your car will look worse after ceramic coating than it did before!

It’s important to have a clean surface before ceramic coating, so that is something you need to consider and prepare for before putting your vehicle through a professional paint correction or ceramic coating service.

The reason you can’t simply wash your car before these processes are because water leaves behind mineral deposits that will stand in direct contrast with a glossy finish.

2. Take Care Of Paint Issues Before Ceramic Coating

If you are trying to do a ceramic coating because your paint is faded, flaking, oxidized or scratched, you need to address those problems first.

If your paint is in good shape already and it’s just a matter of protecting it from future damage or UV rays that cause fading, then you can skip these steps.

Having good paint under your ceramic coating will ensure that it lasts longer and looks better for years to come. Get the help of a good paintless dent repair firm if your car has visible dents and cracks.

3. Consider Your Safety

When applying a ceramic coating even with an applicator pad instead of bare hands, be sure to wear eye protection and work in an open area with good ventilation.

If you don’t wear protective gear while using certain products, they could damage your vision and your health. Either stay safe or leave it to professionals; never take chances with your health.

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4. Starting With The Biggest Surface First

While it’s tempting to start with something small and avoid tackling a larger area, you should always start with whichever part of your car has the most surface area first.

This way, you minimize cross-contamination from different body panels coming into contact with each other.

And, since removing that large section of material is typically much more time-consuming than taking off a small piece, you’ll be able to work for longer.

5. Follow The Directions Carefully

To apply a ceramic coating correctly, you must follow all directions and procedures closely to get optimal results.

The easiest way to mess up is by rushing through steps or skipping details. A good ceramic coating expert will be able to walk you through each step and help you avoid costly mistakes. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

If you are working with an expert who has seen something done incorrectly in the past, he or she may be hesitant to do it themselves for fear of being blamed!


One important thing to keep in mind when shopping for ceramic coatings is that there are actually several different ways to apply them.

The initial step, though, will be deciding on which type of coating you want applied. As any good expert will tell you, coatings help protect existing paint jobs from scratching and fading but don’t offer as much protection against chips or dents.

It all depends on how often you drive your vehicle and what kind of wear and tear it experiences. We hope this article will help you find a reliable ceramic coating Arvada CO service!

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