5 Cool Things To Do To A Jeep Wrangler 

Customizing a Jeep Wrangler and giving it your own personal touch is the right way to move in the Jeeping-society.

But such a society can surely be expensive!

Here, we bring 5 cool things to do to a Jeep Wrangler that are sure to not only turn heads but also let you do so on a budget.

Not only do these Jeep mods bring the best out of your vehicle but also help to add a personal touch to your most valued possession. You can use these simple tricks and add-ons to amp up your Wrangler’s looks and give it the king-of-the-road look it deserves.

5 Cool Things To Do To A Jeep Wrangler – Make The Jeep Your Own

Wranglers are unmatched when it comes to travelling on and off roads. They are strong, they are manly, and they are sure to avert eyes on themselves.

But, what makes them worth this attention?

A plain vehicle is like a blank canvas that is waiting to be painted. And with our simple and easy upgrades, you can turn this painting into a masterpiece.

So, enough chit chatting and let’s get down to business!

1. Lights – White Is the New Yellow!

Lights can make a lot of difference to your car’s whole vibe. The original OEM bulbs in the headlights and the taillights produce a typical yellowish light.

And I say, we’ve had enough with the yellow!

LED lights are white and shine bright. They not only give a more modern and uber look to your rig but also increase visibility at night. There are many options available to choose from in the market. You could opt for 360 degrees halo LED lights, and for tail lights, get them fitted behind a smoked lens. This way when your lights are off, the whole unit will look pitch black.

We’re not drooling, you are!

Choose a light set that not only looks attractive but also has good reviews as far as quality is concerned. Because LED light-bars are a vast world of too many qualities and you can easily be taken advantage of if you do not do your research thoroughly enough. Also, to save a few bucks, search bulb-swapping tutorials online and make this your next DIY project.

2. Bumpers – Creativity Starts Upfront

Bumpers are not only the first thing you “bump” into when looking at a car, but they are also huge sources of protection especially when cruising off-road. Your Wrangler’s front and rear bumpers should be replaced while keeping this fact in mind. They should serve the purpose well enough and also give a strong muscular look. You can wait for a sale on your favorite brand to buy one.

Here’s what you must keep in mind while looking for a well-suited bumper;

  • Protection is the key feature you are looking for. They should be built for bearing heavy impacts off-road as they are the first thing to face any scraping and scratching that happens while driving on muddy or rocky roadways.
  • Mounting points to add in tow-hooks or Jeep recovery winch, should you choose to install them later. Buy a front bumper that can house all the accessories you are planning on adding to your powerhouse.
  • Rear swing out is an essential feature in the rear bumper. It helps to make your rear cargo area more accessible to you but also takes the weight of the heavy back tire off the back door.

3. Roof Rack – Efficiency Up Above

Going camping?

Worried how will you bring all the camping essentials to the woods?

Add a roof rack to the Jeep Wrangler and see it carry all your load for you!

A solid and sturdy roof rack is a great way to give the Jeep a more aggressive look but also increases the usability of the vehicle. You can use it to lift a whole lot of cargo and gear for any adventure trip. Look for a rack that has a combo of both strength and looks, so you can use it to mount accessories for any types of adventures such as biking, kayaking, hiking, skiing, and more.

You name it, the rack will carry it!

4. Rock Sliders – Off-Road Essential

What time is it? Adventure time!

While an off-road adventure is a great way to get that adrenaline pumping in your blood, it is also an invitation for dents and scratches on the side panels of your rig. This is why getting strong and efficient rock sliders is the best thing you could do to your Wrangler if you plan to take it off-road.

These rock sliders protect the rocker panel from side impacts from obstacles while driving on a trail and also act as a step-in case you are planning to lift your rig in the future. Moreover, they also enhance the look by just being there.

You can get these guards of your preferred size and shape and install them yourself since they require only handheld tools for fitting and no drilling or cutting through the vehicle’s exterior.

5. Decals – Your Rig Is Your Canvas

Decals are a great way of making your Jeep create a statement in front of anyone. They look cool and are incredibly cheap.

You can look for many options online, otherwise, get yourself one that is made by artists with available printing services. All you need to do is think of an eye-catching drawing or design and paste it on your rig and there you have it. A custom design adorning your otherwise plain Jeep.

So, get your creative juices flowing!

And here’s how you get your decals on:

  • First, use painter’s tape to plan and map out how big your decal is and where you want it to go exactly. It is always good to plan first.
  • Next, clean the surface with a cloth and be sure it is completely dry before applying anything on it.
  • Now, apply your decal on the planned spot.
  • Use your fingernails to take off the sticker after heating the surface for a bit. You can use a hairdryer for this purpose or simply choose to do it on a sunny day.


Customizing your rig with these 5 cool things for your Jeep Wrangler is an easy job to do. You can amplify the look and performance as much as you want while being light on the pocket.

So, why let a simple blank rig bore you?

Take it out of the garage and add these amazing after-purchase mods for an even better experience. Because your Wrangler is a beast on and off the road and will take you places if rightly equipped. Choose replacement parts and add-ons that will increase the functionality and give it a more monstrous look that’s enough to take your popularity across the block.

Just Jeep it!

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