5 Implications of Self-Driving Tesla Cars

As good as Tesla cars are for the environment, there are a lot of implications with the said electric cars that we need to think about and take into consideration before we move on. No doubt, electric cars are crucial to the environment and will have a lasting effect on the planet as well in the future. However, as of now, self-driving cars can be somewhat complicated. They will have a lot of consequences in the future, here are five of the potential implications that will come out of self-driving Tesla cars.

1) Careless drivers

This is potentially one of the biggest consequences of self-driving cars in general. All it takes is one distraction for the whole thing to go wrong. Careless Tesla drivers can potentially endanger everyone in the car, and out too, by playing with the autopilot too much and getting distracted. The autopilot function is one of the essentials, of course, but it’s still easy to take it for granted. Just because your car is on autopilot doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to the road. In fact, Tesla requires drivers to remain attentive and put their hands on the steering wheel periodically because of this.

2) Auto insurance industry

The auto insurance as of now is a highly competitive market. Insurance is something most people with cars already have. Driverless cars, of course, promise their products will be safe and drunk driving will be a thing of the past, but mistakes still happen (for now, anyway). So, what happens when an accident occurs without a human driver being involved? Well, for now, Google, Volvo, and some other companies accept liability in the case where a self-driving system is at fault in case of a crash. Tesla, meanwhile, offers an insurance program to those who buy their vehicles.

3) Interacting with the vehicle

Just because the vehicle will be self-driving, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be paying attention. This means, you still shouldn’t “drive” while intoxicated, don’t eat while using the touchscreen, and more. You are still very much in charge of the vehicle, so you should always be ready to take over.

4) Car sickness

According to a study, 6-12% of American passengers of a self-driving vehicle will experience motion sickness, resulting in nausea or something worse. Nausea might even become worse if you’re reading or doing some other activity in the car – something a lot of people do to pass the time in a self-driving car.

5) Fewer accidents and better for the environment

Though, at the end of the day, the benefits Tesla self-driving cars will bring will surely outweigh the disadvantages. They’re already disrupting the auto industry and the way people get around. Though careless Tesla drivers will still probably be around in the future – the number of them will still go down. And, of course, one of the biggest advantages of self-driving cars is their effect on the environment, something we all will benefit from and should be looking forward to.

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