5 Key Reasons Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer on Your Side

Every hour and fifty-seven minutes last year, one person was killed in a car accident in Texas. Thankfully, you are not part of that statistic; otherwise, you would not be considering a car accident lawyer to help you handle things on your end. However, it is important to understand that you are not alone. Just in Texas alone, in 2022, there were 15,299 crashes, with 18,880 people in those accidents receiving severe injuries.

These numbers are not being thrown around to scare you but to show you that it is an unfortunately common occurrence on the roads and highways of the state. As such, you will find that the insurance companies you will be dealing with will not always have your best interests at heart. And neither will the other people involved in the accident, regardless of who is at fault, so you need to always do three things as soon as possible: call 911 so everything is officially documented, contact your insurance company, and retain a good car accident lawyer. The first two are obvious, so that discussion can be left for another day. However, here are five reasons why you need a car accident lawyer on your side.


An attorney will have more experience in the process, from start to finish. If you try to wade through the court papers, insurance forms, medical claims, and investigation requirements by yourself, it is more than possible that you will miss some vital steps in the process or forget some information that may be vital to your case. A seasoned attorney will already know what you need before you even finish your first initial consultation, so all you have to do is worry about getting better.

Dealing With Insurance Companies

If you have ever had to deal with an insurance company, you know that it can be very frustrating. It may even seem like they are trying to make your injuries and damages look unimportant when they are extreme, which is where a good car accident lawyer in Katy, TX, can come in. They deal with insurance companies daily, so they know how to negotiate with them to get the best settlement for you that is still agreeable to them, which may not make everyone happy. Still, it does keep the process moving forward.

Collecting Evidence

You have surely watched some of the crime shows on TV, so you know all about evidence and how it has to be collected to make a case. Unfortunately, it is not as nearly as easy as they make it seem on your favorite show. That is another reason you need a good attorney on your side. They know what evidence needs to be collected, how to get it, and who to obtain it from. If an outside investigator is required to check things out, a car accident attorney will already have a few numbers on speed dial, so you do not have to hope you can find someone that knows the ropes.

Evaluate True Value Of Damages

You never imagine how much it can cost you until you get into a car accident. The damage to the vehicle involved, the fines (if any), the medical bills, the lost wages, the pain and suffering, not to mention the harassment from the bill collectors that really don’t care that you were in an accident. An attorney can help factor in all these costs when it comes time to file a claim with the insurance company or the courts when going for damages against the third party involved.

Court Hearing and Proceedings

If you must go to court for compensation for your injuries, having a competent lawyer by your side is always a good idea. Since you have had one since the start, it is an easy transition to go from dealing with insurance claims adjusters to filing court papers for them because, as stated above, they have had years of experience doing it.

So, if you are still doubting whether it is important to have a good car accident attorney by your side throughout the entire process, just ask around and get some true stories from people on both sides of the fence. You will soon see that having a lawyer is the only way to go.

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