5 New Car Technologies To Keep You Safe

Keeping you safe on the road is one of the many responsibilities that automakers have. Automobile technologies are designed to improve the driver’s safety and also the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers. With almost 500 accidents a year involving cyclists and motor vehicles in San Francisco alone, car makers continue to look for new and innovative ways to keep everyone on the road safe.  These technologies continuously evolve as the automobile industry enhances its design and performance. Here we will discuss the five new car technologies to keep you safe.

Automatic Emergency Braking Systems

This is the newest car safety technology. This system is powered by a gyroscope that senses if the vehicle is approaching a sharp or abrupt turn and automatically applies the brakes. The braking system is divided into two Automatic Emergency Braking Systems. The first applies the brakes automatically in an emergency, while the second can apply the brakes before a car enters any dangerous situation.

Adaptive Cruise Control

This is the most recent addition to the list of car safety technologies. This technology automatically enables automobiles to drive closer or farther away from each other. This technology uses sensors, including short and long-range radars, to detect a vehicle ahead and determine its speed. Short-range radars are used to identify the cars that are close to each other, while long-range radars detect vehicles in the distance. The system automatically adjusts the vehicle’s speed in case of a car ahead. Adaptive cruise control also maintains a safe distance from pedestrians and cyclists.

Honda Civic EX FK8 1.6 2018 PH 1

Blind Spot Monitoring System

It is a safety feature available in new cars that use sensors at the side mirrors to monitor the blind spot of the vehicle. The system alerts the driver if there is an object at a particular angle (blind spot) on either side of the car. A warning chime sounds on the dashboard if something is at that angle to alert the driver. A blind spot monitoring system is also used to alert the occupants of impending dangers, such as pedestrians.

Safe Exit

Safe exits detect oncoming traffic and automatically prevent the occupants from opening the doors. This system comprises sensors in the rear bumper that transmit data to a computer. If there is an approaching vehicle, cyclist or pedestrian the sensor sends warning signals to the computer. The computer then displays a warning message on the dashboard and prevents the passengers from opening the doors until the oncoming traffic has passed.

Air Bag Systems

This system uses sensors to sense an impact and deploy the airbags to cushion a car from an effect. On the other hand, if the airbags are not deployed properly, the system sends a message to the driver alerting them of an issue with the bags. Airbag systems are set to protect the driver and the front-seat passenger in an accident.

The above list of new car technologies overviews the most current state-of-the-art car safety systems. In the future, we expect these new technologies to be more advanced and provide drivers with excellent safety on the road.

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