5 Solutions To Repair Your Air Conditioner

Whether you have a newer or older air conditioner, problems can occur with one. It’s exasperating, especially when it’s hot outside, and there’s no cool air coming into your home. So, what are some solutions to repair your air conditioner? Here are five that may just be the answer to your air conditioning dilemmas.

Solutions To Repair Your Air Conditioner

1. Refrigerant Leak

Maybe your air conditioning unit was short on refrigerant, or there were just leaks. You’re more likely to experience a leak as a refrigerant for an air conditioner has exact specifications through its manufacturer, so an underestimation of refrigerant is not likely. If a leak turns out to be the problem, there are solutions for repair.

Solutions – Most of the time, a leak is something a professional should fix, particularly if they find the source of the leak within a valve, evaporator coils or an access port where extensive soldering may be necessary. These kinds of leaks will need the attention of an expert. When you do determine that the problem is a refrigerant leak, there are Freon kits that can be helpful with small leaks. The sealant within the kit is sucked into the air conditioning compressor, where it helps to stop leaks. When refrigerant leaks continue, it’s probably time to consult with an expert as to whether you need repair or replacement of your air conditioner.

2. Blower Fan

As mentioned at the New Albany AC repair company’s website, If your air conditioner won’t start and the blower motor is also not moving, there could be several problems. A breaker may have tripped, which means going to the breaker box and checking whether the breakers for the fan and condenser have been tripped. If partially tripped, go ahead and turn it off and then on again. If the breaker still flips when you start the AC, the breaker is likely faulty and requires replacement.

Solutions – Other reasons for a “no start” could be related to a shut-off switch that may be bad itself or a drain line that has become clogged that interrupts the power to the unit. Try unclogging the drain line or hose while making sure it’s running as it should. Also, the wiring could be damaged or faulty. If that’s the case, it’s best to call in a professional heat and air person to check out the thermostat and any wiring going to and from the air conditioner.

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Something else to remember, especially when your air conditioner is suddenly blowing hot air is to simply check the thermostat. It’s always wise to make sure that the settings for heat or fan haven’t been left on by accident. Adjust those settings to cool or auto to fix that simple mistake. If that isn’t of help, and you’re still getting sultry air, you’ll want to contact heat and cooling specialists.

3.Frozen Coil

An air conditioner won’t blow cold air with a frozen coil, and that’s because of a limited flow of air. It’s a common problem that usually doesn’t involve calling in a professional. Other reasons for a frozen coil could be a dirty filter, low refrigerant, low overnight temperatures and faulty parts.

Solutions- The first thing you want to do to correct the problem is to turn off the air conditioner and simply run the fan on the automatic setting. This should help melt any ice around the coil. Also, check both the evaporator coil and air filter for any dirt and debris. Clean out both of them. Then, check the ductwork of your air conditioner for any disconnections and blockages, and also check the registers for any blockage. If the coil is still freezing up, your refrigerant is either low or the line itself is damaged.

4. On And Off Cycling

If your air conditioner is constantly cycling on and off or starting and stopping every few minutes, the problems could range from a faulty thermostat to a dirty filter to a leak. It might also be something to do with the placement of the thermostat or the air conditioning unit itself is much too large for your home.

Solutions – These are issues similar to a frozen air conditioner, so you want to use the same strategies to solve the problem or problems. Start with cleaning and possibly replacing the filter. If that doesn’t solve the problem, check for a refrigerant leak. Immediately replacing Freon is not always the answer, either. You want to locate the leak, repair it and stop it. If the leak becomes impossible, it’s time to call in a specialist. The same is true with adjusting the thermostat or replacing it, along with figuring out if the air conditioner you’re using is the right size for the room or rooms you’re trying to cool. A professional can help you do that.

5. Running Weak

When your air conditioner is not running like it used to or it seems to take too long to cool your home, there may be clogs or blockage going on with either the interior or exterior of your unit. Both your inside and outside air conditioning parts are working to take away heat. For that to happen, the airflow has to be working in your exterior unit.

Solutions – The first thing you want to do is clear your outside unit of any dirt, leaves, grass clippings or other debris. A simple clean-out of anything that has caught within interior areas or pipes around the unit should be done. Double-check that any outside plantings are not restricting the flow of air to your outside unit. If there is no debris, the air conditioning unit drains may be blocked. You can try vacuuming with a shop vac or other tools to remove any clogs, but if you are unable to do so, you’ll need to think about calling in a technician to help you remove it. If the weakness continues, there may be something else going on, so it’s best to check with a technician as to why your AC is running under capacity.

Whatever problems you’re experiencing with your AC, the 5 solutions here are a jump-start in dealing with repair issues; however, if you’ve exhausted all avenues, consult with heat and air professionals for more serious issues. You don’t want to tackle air conditioning problems that are going to leave you with extensive repairs, added expenses or all-out replacement.

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