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5 Things You Need to Know When Choosing a Bed Liner Paint

Whether the liner of your truck is old or you just need to change your current liner, getting a new bed liner can be exciting. Since this is an important decision, you need to take the time to consider all the essential aspects. Below are some important factors you need to consider when choosing paint for your bed liner.

Preparing The Surface

Before you can pick a bed liner paint, it is essential to prepare the surface so the coating can stick. In doing so, you’ll need to use pads to scuff up the truck’s box so it can be rough. The time it would take to complete this process will depend on the size of the truck. Take all the time you need so you can be confident that you have done the job right.

Choose A Custom Paint

When choosing a bed liner paint, you can always go for a custom one. Bust the rust and make your own tone! If you are looking to color-match a specific vehicle, you can get the paint code from the automobile and visit the paint supplier in your locality. When attempting to match the color, always remember that due to the nature of your truck’s material, the tone of the finished color may vary slightly.

A Good Liner Protects Your Vehicle

On the basic level, the bed liner paint acts as the metal protector for your vehicle. Choose a paint that is reasonably thick and with the ability to disperse pressure. For instance, if you happen to throw a hard object into the back of your vehicle, it may end up creating dents due to the impact it causes. However, when a similar force is applied to the newly used coat of paint, it should flex just enough to scatter the pressure, so the vehicle is not damaged. This elasticity is what will allow the coating to hold objects to the surface of the vehicle.


You will also need to get a few tools to use along with the bed liner paint. You may probably have the orbital sander, but if you don’t, they are easy to find. You will also require the air compressor with a gallon capacity of 5 or more to get the desired finish. With a low volume compressor, you’re going to waste so much time waiting for the pressure to build up. If you are not interested in purchasing a new compressor, you may decide to rent a larger one for a couple of days.


The cost of the paint is something you’ll want to consider. Always go for an affordable and not a cheap paint. “Cheap” can be costly in the long-run since you may end up spending more money in the future trying to replace the coating once more. Spend your money on a product you’ll never need to replace after an extended use.

When choosing a bed liner paint, it is imperative to consider the pointers given above. Having the right information will ensure you don’t make the wrong choices as far as selecting a paint liner is concerned.

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