5 Ways Car-Related Personal Injury Lawsuits Can Change Your Life

If you get into a serious car wreck, many times, that can change your life forever. Seldom will you find your life getting better. You might meet your soulmate who was driving the other car, but that probably won’t happen too often.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the ways a car-related personal injury lawsuit can change your life. These lawsuits often come about after serious car wrecks, and after they conclude, your life’s entire landscape and trajectory may have altered.

You Can Get a Major Payday if You Win a Car Wreck Personal Injury Case

Maybe you have a serious car accident, and it’s clear the other driver caused the wreck. Perhaps they consumed alcohol before driving, or they drove twenty miles over the speed limit, losing control of their vehicle.

In these situations, you will probably bring legal action against the other driver. You may pursue both economic and non-economic damages. The court system usually has some complicated legal considerations in rewarding non-economic damages, but that’s not your problem. You can let your lawyer and the jury hash that out.

Non-economic damages can include things like money for your pain and suffering. If the car wreck injured you badly, maybe you had a good deal of pain for some time afterward.

You might also demand money because of loss of enjoyment. Perhaps you can’t go for walks around the neighborhood with your spouse, play catch with your kids, or do other things you once loved.

If the jury finds in your favor, you might walk away with a large cash settlement. That can certainly change your life. You might not feel like a worthwhile tradeoff occurred, but at least you have that money. It should help pay for lost wages and medical bills, but maybe you’ll also use some of it to take a nice vacation or buy yourself something frivolous as a way of treating yourself.

Your Marriage or Relationship Can Suffer or End

Maybe you’re on the lawsuit’s other end. If you caused the car accident, the other driver might sue you. If you exceeded the speed limit egregiously or broke some other traffic law and caused the wreck, they might go after you for every cent you have.

These situations can stress you out a great deal, as you might imagine. You must defend yourself in court, but perhaps you also feel a lot of remorse about what you did.

If you’re married or in a long-term relationship, it can sometimes suffer because of your situation. Maybe your spouse or partner doesn’t look at you the same way anymore. They may feel you made a bad mistake when you caused the wreck, and they may not forgive you for it.

Perhaps you can hash things out and get past this eventually. You might pursue couples therapy together. You may have to try a trial separation, though. In the worst of cases, you might break up or divorce because of this.

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You May Lose Everything You Have

If you caused the wreck, and the other driver sues you, you may lose everything you have, or close to it. They might pursue both economic and non-economic damages, and the jury may think a large payment from you seems justified.

You might have to sell your house to come up with the money to pay the person you hurt. You may have to sell your car and all your most valuable possessions.

If you don’t have anything very valuable, you might have money you’d saved for retirement. You must drain your nest egg to pay the individual you hurt.

You might declare bankruptcy. You may eventually come back from this, but it’s generally not easy. It might take years to get back to the financial stability or affluence you had before.

You Might Lose Some Friends

You may also have a situation where you lose some friends after a serious car wreck. Usually, if that happens, they might feel differently about you because you acted recklessly and caused the accident.

Maybe you hurt someone severely with your reckless driving, or perhaps you even killed someone. If so, you would hope that your closest and most devoted friends will stick by you as you attempt to get your life back together and find a viable path forward.

Your closest friends may say they support you, but in the times that follow, you may find that they’re drifting away. If they’re around you, maybe you’re not in a very good mood anymore. You may feel depressed a lot because your life has changed so dramatically.

Don’t let it surprise you if you look around one day and find all your friends have left you. Perhaps only the most dedicated ones will say they’ll stick by you during this challenging time and then actually do it.

You Might Stop Drinking or Using Drugs

Maybe you ingested alcohol or did drugs before you drove your car. You caused the accident because of that, and you hurt or killed someone.

One regrettable decision can completely change your life in these scenarios. Maybe you had some drinks at a bar celebrating some event, and you thought you could drive home because you lived close by. This decision can end up with you in a courtroom and a grieving family suing you.

You might face criminal charges if this happens. If you killed someone because you drove drunk, and the family sues you, maybe you must pay them money in damages, but you might also face some jail time. If you killed someone through drunk driving or driving while on drugs, the police usually consider that to be manslaughter.

Whether you spend time in jail or not, you might never drink or do drugs again. Perhaps you’ll completely turn your life around because of it. You may find peace some day and enjoy your sobriety. You can learn a harsh but valuable lesson.

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