5 Ways To Eliminate Your Range Anxiety With Electric Cars

The biggest problem of EVs is range anxiety, and even though electric vehicle technology has come a long way, the range is still a worrying factor to all electric car drivers. That is why electric vehicle owners are very concerned and constantly looking for a way to eliminate fears of being stranded with no juice left in the battery. Here are five ways to not to be affected by range anxiety.

1. Use The Home Charger

Having the ability to charge your vehicle at home is a genius way of eliminating range anxiety. Although the home chargers are less potent than those at public charging stations, they are sufficient to top up your battery overnight. The smart move is to carry your ev cable if you are driving your car to work or during. This will allow you to charge your car in as many places as possible. People who use electric vehicles like to have them plugged in, as it will reduce the chances of you running out of charge.

2. Carefully Plan Your Route

Owning an electric car requires a bit more thorough planning when going on a trip. Since the charging network is still in development, you will want to choose a route with charging stations along the way. Also, remember that EVs have less range in highway driving than in urban conditions, so avoid long stretches of open road since the range can drop significantly. Keep in mind that electric cars are sensitive to temperature changes, and a drop in temperature will undoubtedly result in a decline in miles. You can use Zap Maps route planner to carefully plot your route before setting off.

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3. Get The Latest Model

Since the EVs are constantly developed and improved with battery technology already significantly better than it was just a few years back, the solution for range anxiety is to get any of the latest models. With Tesla Model 3 or Model X covering 300 miles on a single charge and Jaguar E-Pace and Kia e-Niro doing almost the same, range anxiety is no longer an issue for most customers. Since the average EV owner covering about 30 miles per day, it is clear that fears of getting stranded with empty batteries are thankfully gone.

4. Monitor Your Energy Consumption

Since electric vehicles act differently from petrol-powered ones, we suggest you monitor the electricity consumption in different driving modes and conditions. This way, you understand your car better and learn how to drive it more efficiently. Avoiding the hard launches or aggressive driving will reward you with significantly longer range and more miles out of a single charge.

5. Maintenance

Maintenance is a key to the longevity and efficiency of any vehicle, regardless of what it runs on. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations and service intervals will keep your EV in top working condition and capable of achieving the advertised mileage.

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