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6 More Benefits Of Car Ownership You Didn’t Think Of Yet

We all know what cars are for, right? They look good, they sound good, they give you that feel-good factor. Oh, and they also get you from A to B. Of course, there are a few more benefits to owning a car that even city dwellers can take advantage of. OK, they cost money, and we all know there are dangers on the road. But surely, when you weigh it all up, having a car of your own is still the way to go?

Earn Money

If you’re a car owner, you have far more opportunities to earn money from a job or from self-employed work. Beyond becoming an Uber driver or a Domino’s Pizza deliverer, you can reach places of work beyond your own community. Business parks and remote buildings with no public service provision are within reach. You can travel to each of the regional offices, and you make it to big meetings hosted at conference centres. Without access to a car or a driving license, you become a less attractive candidate for many jobs out there.

Borrow Money

It is also possible to borrow money in a hurry if you’re willing to put the value of the loan against your vehicle. Title loans offer you the chance to apply for a loan similar to the way you apply for a mortgage. You can usually only borrow what the car is worth, but you’re more likely to get the loan because you’ve used the car as collateral. It’s just one way of getting title loans for those of us with bad credit that non-car owners simply cannot access. As with a mortgage, if you keep up your repayments you won’t have to give up your car.

Save Money On Fuel

How can car ownership save you petrol costs? If you hire a car, you’re likely to be offered a petrol or diesel. These fuels cost a lot of money, and you’re expected to top the car up when you return it. If you own an electric car, each mile costs approximately half what a petrol or diesel car does. Of course, there are additional upfront costs to consider like the charger and the inflated cost of the vehicle in the first place. It might be worth thinking about…

Spare The Aching Arms and Ankles

Why do commuters and long distance travellers prefer the train? There are plenty of reasons, but two of the most important ones are the comfort factors. You don’t have to spend hours rotating a steering wheel or depressing a pedal. After a few hundred miles, this can lead to cramps and discomfort. Driverless cars may still require the driver to pay attention and be ready to react. But the steering, acceleration, and braking, for the most part, is managed by the car.

As drivers become more comfortable with the technology, there may come a time when you can trust the car to take over completely. If all of us are using the technology, perhaps there really is a case for it making the roads safer. Will you miss the drive though?

Privacy and Convenience

Of course, the main benefit of car ownership over any kind of public transport is the privacy it affords. While it isn’t permitted to tint the front windows or windscreen, the back can be darkened to maintain your passenger’s privacy. You don’t have to worry about the weirdo in the adjacent seat staring at you. And there is no need to make chit chat with the lonely elderly woman that looks forward to that same journey every day.

There is also the matter of convenience. You don’t have to head down to the station. You don’t have to stand in the pouring rain. A car gets you from door to door. Leave when you like. It doesn’t get more convenient than that until you hit a few traffic jams and roadworks. Still, if you check the traffic reports ahead, you can adjust your journey time.


Most of us car enthusiasts see our vehicles as a hobby. If you love classic cars, you might even have one in the garage at home. Taking care of the body work and restoring the interior can fill your weekends. Then there are the big car meets where you can drive your beauty and show her off to the world. Everyone needs a hobby, so why not make yours car-driven?

Few of us really need convincing to keep the car, regardless of where we live. Parking it is always going to be a problem, but the benefits of driving our own cars will always outweigh that one. Love your motor.

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