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6 Best Cell Phone Holder For Cars

Life forces us to talk on the phone even while driving a car while driving. Taxi drivers take orders, delivery drivers of pizza and other food clarify the addresses of customers, and businessmen make deals.

In order for the phone to be always in sight of the driver, and the motorist does not climb into his pockets or around the cabin in search of him, being distracted from the overview of the traffic situation, you need to install a holding device for him.

In our review, we will list the best cell holder for car and categorize in different types.

The Best Air Vent Mount Car Phone Holders

The holder installed in this way allows the motorist to fully control the situation on the road. This option is equally convenient for the driver and passenger in the front seat.

1. Baseus Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount Holder

The model installed on the air duct of the instrument panel of the car, the Chinese company Baseus from the city of Shen Zhen.

Reliable contact with the phone occurs due to the interaction of 4 magnets of the device and a metal case or plate glued to the mobile phone. The holder is designed for phones up to 5.5 inches diagonally.

2. Deppa Mage Mini

These are products of a domestic brand produced in China. The compact model is able to hold even large smartphones with the help of high-quality magnets.

The product is easily installed on the deflector using clips. The product is capable of holding phones weighing up to 200g.

The Best Suction Cup Car Phone Holders

Classics of the genre – phone holders on the suction cup. These are simple, inexpensive models mounted on the windshield of a car using a rubber elastic base.

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This holder model of the Russian company INTERSTEP can be attached in two ways: with a suction cup on the windshield or with a clip on the instrument panel deflector. The product can vary the diagonal of the receiving platform: from 5.5 to 7.5 inches and its width: 70-95 mm.

2. Onetto Easy Flex Magnet Suction Cup

The South Korean magnetic holder stands out among similar products for its quality. This is evidenced by the reviews of its owners.

The helium effective suction cup allows the motorist to install the holder on glass or dashboard. It securely holds mobile devices weighing up to 250g with the help of 6 magnets. The kit includes two plates that allow you to install the phone in various ways.

Best Car CD Phone Holders – Slot

Such models have recently gained popularity. Motorists are quite satisfied with the location of the holder. It does not block the view, is within reach, the phone’s screen is perfectly visible from the driver’s seat.

1. Onetto CD Slot Mount One Touch Mini

The holder is held in the CD-slot by means of paws covered with a rubberized shell. At the same time, the design of the device does not interfere with playing the disc in the player. The product is able to hold models of mobile devices with dimensions of 61-86 mm.

2. ZiPOWER PM6616

This car accessory of an American company is also produced in China. It is mounted in the CD slot with a clamping device. This mount provides a strong fixation of the holder and the smartphone in the structure, securely holds it when traveling even on bad roads.

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