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6 Common Mistakes People Make When Washing Cars

Your car needs washing if you want it to look good, retain resale value and not allow its paint to be corroded or damaged. Many people think this is a simple matter of sloshing on some soap and water, scrubbing it with a sponge, cloth or towel and hey presto you’re done.

While that’s not a million miles from the truth, and it certainly should be easy enough to wash your car, none of that stops countless people making silly mistakes every single day. We here at sports car rental in Dubai – have listed 6 of the most common errors people make when washing their cars:

1. Using Just One Bucket

A good wash is called the two-bucket system for a reason, people! You need at least two buckets. When you load up one bucket, dip in the sponge, wipe the car and then dip it back in, you are contaminating that lovely clean water. Those contaminants are then going right back onto the sponge to be wiped over the car again, and again, and again.

2. Leaving The Wheels Until Last

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I don’t like cleaning the wheels, I’ll do those last”? A common idea, but also totally erroneous. When you wash the wheels last, you are just to blast the dirt right off those wheels and tires right back onto those shiny surfaces you busted a hump to clean just now.

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3. Forgetting To Put The Car In The Shade

However nice the weather is and however keen you are to work on your tan while washing, you have to wash your car out of direct sunlight. Soapy water can’t be allowed to dry before you have a chance to rinse it off, because that’s how weird stains and marks get left behind on your paint.

4. Using Household Cleaning Agents

If you can believe it, dishwashing liquid is the most common and wrongly used agent for car washing. This is a huge no-no. Car shampoos and other cleaning products are essential because they are made specifically to work in harmony with your car’s paint. Head to your local store and furnish yourself with the proper gear.

5. Toweling The Car To Dry It

Yes, you do need to dry the car after you’re done washing and rinsing, but using a regular bathroom or beach towel is no good. You need microfiber towels and fine chamois cloths. Nothing else will do, it’s quite simple. That is, unless you want streaks, scratches or swirl marks.

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6. Pouring Wax Directly Onto The Car’s Surface

The final cardinal sin people make when waxing is putting the wax directly from the container onto the car’s surface. Unless it’s a handy spray applicator, you need to use an applicator cloth like a microfiber towel. This ensures that you get an even coat and it gets into each spot effectively.

Clean Right, And Enjoy The Benefits

It’s a great feeling driving a freshly cleaned car. It takes you back to the day when you drove it off the lot, all sparkling and new. What’s more, you’re doing yourself a favor in the long run because your car will be more attractive to future buyers. A well-cleaned car shows itself years down the line.

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