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6 Signs Of Brake Issues That You Should Never Ignore

Identifying brake issues as soon as possible will help keep you and others safe. Learn about common warning signs that your brakes aren’t good.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an estimated 22% of traffic crashes are caused by brake issues.

This is a sobering statistic that should encourage everyone on the road to take care of their brakes and make sure they are working properly. Fortunately, there are several ways to tell when your brakes are nearing failure. By paying attention to the sounds, smells, and handling of your vehicle, you can be alerted of potential brake problems and avoid an accident.

If you are wondering how to tell your brakes are bad, here are several signs you should never ignore.

1. Brake Light

One of the first signs of a problem is the brake light on your dashboard. This is a built-in warning system designed to alert you of any potential brake problems. If you see a brake light, be sure to contact a reliable auto repair company, such as immediately.

2. Grinding Sounds When Using The Break

If you are hearing grinding sounds when you brake, it’s time for brake troubleshooting. Grinding sounds can mean a variety of issues, such as worn brake pads or a foreign object stuck in your caliper unit. This is a serious sign you cannot afford to ignore.

3. Pulling To One Side When Braking

One common sign of bad breaks is when your car pulls to one side when braking. This can be a sign of a caliper problem or a bad brake hose. Do not ignore this sign as the pulling can easily cause an accident.

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4. Leaking Brake Fluid

A common sign of faulty brakes is leaking brake fluid. This can be a sign of a hydraulics problem or worn brake pads. If the source of the leak is not found and repaired, eventually, your brakes will not have the power to stop your car.

5. Unstable Brake Pedal

An easy tip for how to tell if your brakes are bad is to check the stableness of your brake pedal. If your brake pedal is wobbling or sinks to the floor, you can have a variety of problems that affect your ability to brake. As soon as you notice a difference in the firmness of your brake pedal, schedule a visit to your local auto repair shop.

6. Burning Smell While Driving

If you are noticing a burning smell when driving your car, you likely have a brake problem. A burning smell is an indication that your brakes are overheated or there is a problem with your clutch. If you notice this smell, stop driving and contact an auto technician immediately.

Take Care Of These Brake Issues As Soon As They Occur

By paying attention to the signs of brake problems, you can fix minor brake issues before they turn into a major problem.

Never ignore the brake light in your car. If you do, you may notice a burning smell, wobbling, or a grinding or squealing sound when driving your car. You may also notice leaking fluid and an unstable brake pedal.

Pay attention to these signs and handle them immediately to reduce your risk having a serious problem or getting into an accident.

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