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6 Simple Upgrades to Your Home Garage to Make in 2024

You can easily turn your home garage around and make it into a more functional, secure, and attractive place by completing some simple upgrades. So, here are six that you should consider in 2024.

1. Slap on Some Epoxy Flooring

When was the last time you actually looked at your garage floor? If it’s like most, it’s probably a canvas of stains and cracks. Let’s fix that—epoxy flooring to the rescue!

This isn’t just any paint; we’re talking about a durable, resinous coating that laughs in the face of oil spills and scoffs at tire marks. It comes in snazzy colours and finishes, too, so you can easily flex your style.

The best part? Cleaning becomes a breeze—just a quick sweep and mop, and it will be like new.

2. Maximise Space with Overhead Storage Racks

Feeling like your garage is shrinking? Spoiler: it’s not—it’s the clutter closing in on you! It’s time to take back territory with overhead storage racks.

Imagine all those seldom-used items up above your car instead of scattered around: seasonal decorations, old sports equipment, and so on. Installation is straightforward if you love some DIY action. Alternatively, grab someone who is handy to complete the installation for you – which won’t take long.

3. Install a LiftMaster Garage Door Opener—and Learn to Program It

The LiftMaster garage door opener is a game-changer for convenient access. No one will be able to enter your garage without using a remote control or entering a code on a keypad, which means you can ensure your property is fully protected.

Of course, a garage door opener will also be incredibly convenient for you when you want to access and exit your garage. However, once your garage door opener has been installed, it’s crucial that you learn how to program a LiftMaster.

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4. Upgrade to Smart Lighting

Are you tired of groping around in dim light for the lawn mower? Then it’s time to shine a spotlight on smart lighting. Think LEDs that snap on with motion sensors or lights you can control from your phone and even set timers for.

They’re energy-efficient too – so your wallet gets a break. Picture this: no more fumbling for switches with full hands or leaving the lights on accidentally (we’ve all been there).

The installation of garage lighting is usually a breeze; you’ll have that modern glow-up in place in no time.

5. Organise with Magnetic Tool Holders

Okay, DIY enthusiasts—have you ever had that moment where you’re elbow-deep in grease, and you can’t find the spanner you just had? Let’s fix the issue with some magnetic tool holders.

These bad boys are like having an extra set of hands waiting right on the wall—just slap your tools on there and bam! Instant organisation. They keep sharp objects out of reach from tiny fingers if kiddos romp around your workspace too.

6. Jazz Up Your Garage with a Workbench

Got a garage but no workbench? If so, that’s like having an office without a desk, my friend. Time to jazz up your space and boost functionality with this must-have accessory for any home tinkerer or weekend warrior. A solid workbench is where masterpieces get made—or at least where you try to fix the vacuum cleaner.

Whether you go for a prefab model that’s ready to rock right out of the box or build one yourself for that custom touch, it’s all good. Create your personal DIY haven, complete with drawers for tools and enough surface area to lay out projects without playing Tetris.

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