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7 Benefits Of A Rental Car For Your Next Vacation

Travelling is a memorable and life-changing experience. However, it’s not without its occasional setbacks. This is especially true when it comes to moving around from point A to point B.

From missed buses to overpriced taxis, getting around on vacation with public transportation can seem like a total headache. But it doesn’t have to be!

Renting a car can be an excellent solution for getting around on your next vacation. If you want to spend more time enjoying your trip and less time worrying about transportation, here are seven advantages of renting a car for your upcoming trip.

1. You Are In Control Of Your Schedule

When you have a rental car, you are in control of your schedule. You don’t need to plan your movements around public transportation schedules or wait in long queues for cabs or buses. With a car, you can also pause and take in the sights along the way, which is not possible when using public transportation.

A rental car is especially helpful if your road trip route has limited public transportation options, which can be commonplace in destinations far from the city centre. If you want to explore beyond the city, a rental car from Go Rentals and other car rental providers provide the freedom to do so without putting you at the mercy of public transportation schedules.

2. You Can Explore More

A rental car gives you the freedom to explore more of the area that you are visiting. With a car, you can explore all the sights and activities that the area has to offer without being restricted by transportation options.

This provides a new dimension of freedom on your vacation and allows you to create your own itinerary, rather than being limited by what public transportation can take you to see. If you’re going to a place tens or hundreds of miles away from the city, a rental car can be a great way to get there and back without having to worry about being stranded.

3. You Can Save Money

While solo travellers may find that taking public transportation is cheaper in the long run, those travelling in groups will often find that renting a car is more cost-effective. This is because these rental cars are priced per day and not per person.

Constantly riding a bus and train can rack up costs quickly, especially if you’re travelling with a big group like a family. Conversely, a rental car gives you a set fee for the entire day. In addition, some rental car services often come with unlimited mileage, which can further reduce your costs if you plan on doing a lot of driving.

4. You Have More Storage Space

When you rent a car, you have access to more storage space than if you were taking public transportation or taxis everywhere. A car also doubles as a place to store your belongings and shopping bags, which can come in handy if you’re exploring a new place and want to avoid carrying everything around with you.

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On top of being an extra storage space, a rental car can also help you transport large items or equipment that would otherwise be difficult to take on public transportation. If you’re travelling with large and bulky items, a rental car takes the stress away from bringing heavy bags and other luggage on your trip, granting you well-deserved peace of mind.

5. You Can Avoid Cramped Spaces

Rush hour in most major cities can be a nightmare, especially if you’re trying to get around using public transportation. Buses and trains are often filled to the brim during these times, leaving little to no room for personal space. These close quarters also provide the ideal environment for pickpockets and other thieves to strike, which can quickly ruin a vacation for any unsuspecting traveller.

In contrast, renting a car gives you your personal space and eliminates the need to be near other people. This can make a big difference if you’re claustrophobic or simply detest the idea of being skin-to-skin with a total stranger.

6. You Can Travel With Pets

If you are travelling with pets, renting a car is often the best option. Public transportation options usually do not allow pets and taxi drivers may not be comfortable with having animals in their cars.

With a rental car, however, you can easily travel with your pets without worrying about restrictions. Just be sure that the rental car company you choose is pet-friendly and that you adhere to their specific policies regarding pets in rental cars.

7. You Can Breeze Through Your Itinerary

Let’s face it, waiting around for chance buses for long hours can really put a damper on your vacation plans. In the worst cases, it can force you to remove certain activities from your itinerary altogether.

With a rental car, however, you can easily stick to your original itinerary without any hiccups. You can take the most efficient route to your next destination without having to worry about making multiple stops or waiting for a ride. This is especially useful if you’re tight on time and don’t mind driving around to get to your destination.

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