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A Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You Determine How To Move Forward

Imagine sitting in traffic and feeling another vehicle crash into yours. Your airbag hits you as you pull your breaks. Panic and shock are installed immediately as you determine whether you’re injured, or your car is completely damaged. If you ever find yourself in this image, you are not alone. Across the world, there seem to be thousands of severe motor accidents annually. What should you do? Do you need to hire a car accident lawyer? Searching for one while facing all the medical bills seem overwhelming, but personal injury lawyers are the ones who can help you go through this horrible scenario.

Car accidents seem like they might damage someone’s life ultimately, and it’s true; they’re unfortunately more common than you could realise. Even if your car accident seems minor, it can cause symptoms like headaches, neck pain, back pain, broken bones, etc. Victims are left with severe stress and anxiety, dealing with long-term effects, no matter the collision’s severity. It’s essential to know what caused your car accident and how to file a claim.

Motor Car Accident Causes

Car accidents surpass £60,827,250,608 each year, with hundreds of people dying after suffering car accident injuries. Each motor or car accident occurs under different circumstances, but car accident lawyers can help define the type of accident you’ve suffered and guide you through your case process. According to the NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, these are the common causes of motor vehicle accidents across the world:

Aggressive Driving

A fatal motor vehicle accident involves speeding and careless driving. It’s the number one cause of most deadly crashes. Surpassing the speed limit is illegal and punishable, but you can expect to pay hundreds of pounds if a police officer finds you speeding traffic citation. Unfortunately, it can also be why most car accidents happen, and victims die or experience severe and life-changing injuries and disabilities. When drivers decide to speed, they ultimately decide to put everyone in traffic in danger. Driving aggressively increases the chances of losing control of your vehicle.

Also, speeding happens for a variety of reasons. A person may run late to work, get frustrated in traffic as it’s too busy, or just want to reach a particular destination sooner. These are common excuses people give police officers when they’re found speeding on the road. According to research, it only saves you a few minutes. Even if it sounds efficient to you, the risks of car accidents are more significant, and it’s not worth the trouble. Aggressive driving also makes traffic more dangerous, as drivers may do the following:

  • Following too closely
  • Changing lines without cautionary
  • Refusing to let other cars pass
  • Ignore traffic signals
  • Driving on the side of the road to pass other vehicles

Drive according to speed limits in your state – it will significantly help reduce accidents. However, you know how to avoid speeding and other aggressive driving behaviours, but you won’t have control over other cars. You might find yourself injured in a car accident because of another irresponsible driver.

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Distracted Driving

Most serious car crashes involve distracted drivers and inattentiveness, which is a big problem in pedestrian and cycling deaths and accidents. People usually tend to take their hands off the wheel to check their phones, send text messages, attend phone calls, change the music on the radio, and so on. Drivers who use their smartphones while on the road are likely to cause severe traffic accidents. If you’re fantasising and let your mind fly away while driving, you won’t realise how easily you can drift into other lanes – in a blink of an eye, you stop your car abruptly, but it’s too late. Other distracted driving includes applying makeup, eating, drinking, looking at other people on the streets, and listening to loud music, which can also cause major traffic accidents.

What To Do After A Car Accident?

Making decisions immediately after a car accident isn’t easy. It’s best to have it all planned, even though no one hopes to ever go through a car accident that results in severe injuries. But it will help you know what to do in high-stress circumstances. Also, you may want to know how to sue someone in the UK in the care they cause the accident and refuse to account for liability for their actions.

The next step after a car accident is to check yourself and others for injuries. Before even realising it, you may already bleed or have broken bones. It’s best to call 911 or ask anyone around to do so. If passengers are okay, make sure you check yourself and see if you’ve suffered any injuries.

Go to a safe area – Even though you might not have experienced injuries, it’s best to move your vehicle to the side of the road. You could still be in danger if you don’t pull your car away from traffic. If you’re on the highway and unable to move your vehicle because it’s too damaged, leave it where it is and get yourself into a safety zone.

Collect information – It’s crucial to ask the other involved drivers for details. Get their addresses, contact numbers, and the number of their health insurance company. You should also collect information from witnesses if there were any. Take pictures and videos of the accident scene, even if you believe there’s no damage. Last, don’t take responsibility for the accident – this can affect your lawyer’s chances of helping you get through this and get a proper settlement for you.

Even though the accident is minor, you still need to call for medical attendance. Calling the police will help establish all details of the accident, which is very helpful when filing a car accident claim. The police officers will interview witnesses involved, talk to other drivers, and issue traffic citations.

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