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Advanced Perfection: RAV-4 Plug-In Hybrid 2022 For Real Toyota Fans

It is difficult to imagine a world without Toyota since the corporation is the undisputed leader in many countries. The concern regularly pleases us with updates and new models, but the new RAV-4 Plug-in Hybrid has exceeded all the car fans’ expectations. Its double DNA is fantastic: unique hybrid technology and environmental friendliness, combined with the best power reserve in this class, will win the hearts of millions of drivers. Is it too expensive? We believe that for all the technologies that the new RAV-4 is literally stuffed with, the price of the car is fully justified.

The intelligent all-wheel drive system (AWD-i) and the 2.5-litre engine make the car the best urban crossover. However, it has a range of about 75 kilometres in electric vehicle mode, so the company still needs to work on this aspect.  If you are planning an extended business trip, the hybrid performance of the car will be beneficial since the new RAV-4 consumes only 1 litre of petrol per 100 kilometres. And even though the company calls the car ideal for city roads, it is still an SUV. Toyota introduced improved MTS (Multi-Terrain Select) technology for better wheel slip driving off-road. Now you do not need to worry about getting stuck somewhere since a driver fully controls the car.

Just imagine: it’s enough to lightly press the gas pedal for the car to accelerate up to 100 km/h in 6 seconds. Adrenaline rushes, almost like at the best casino Canada online: the driver feels like the king of the road. The car has four driving modes, only one of which is entirely powered by electricity.

Other improved characteristics of the crossover, for example, the advanced security complex, deserve special attention. Five of the latest technologies, including an emergency safety system, a lane departure warning system, a traffic-sign-recognition mechanism, automatic high beams, and adaptive cruise control, are already implemented in the latest Toyota. The company strictly controls the safety of the driver and passengers, using all modern developments. For example, Toyota Safety turns on a unique laser when using the pre-collision system function. During the possibility of a collision, the car signals with sound and light signals, starting the emergency braking process.

Stylish Design Is Still The Icon

The manufacturer did not surprise us too much with the design this time. But how can perfection be improved?  The stylish laconic Toyota flagship has captivated car fans for many years, and it seems it won’t lose its popularity.

The stylish interior and the latest technologies inside will definitely keep everyone from being indifferent. Sitting behind the wheel, you can feel like a spaceship pilot! A head-up display, an amazing premium audio system, a wireless charger and an outlet in the boot will make your trips even more comfortable. Luxury and convenience could be the main motto of the newest Toyota development, so take advantage of the opportunity to go for a test drive of the car and feel the thrill of driving the best crossover of the Japanese company.

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