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Aircharge – Wireless Charging – Removing Life’s Wires

We recently got the opportunity to test out one of the best wireless charging systems available from Aircharge. They have lots of solutions for wirelessly charging your phone and by partnering with key brands also provide the most extensive wireless charging network deployed in public spaces worldwide.

Why Wireless Charging?

This is very much a first world problem, but more and more mobile phones are becoming needed in every aspect of our life. The batteries never last as long as we need. When you are constantly back and forth from your phone every few minutes you don’t want to be continually plugging and unplugging the phone from the charger and secondly, it often takes two hands to plug it in that might not always be suitable.


Aircharge Wireless Charging for iPhone

At the moment iPhones aren’t built with the hardware for wireless charging included. Aircharge offer a simple protective case that will convert your phone to be compatible. The case I am using is fitted to an iPhone 6 Plus. Once the phone is inserted into the case, the plug slips into the charge port on the phone. The case is able to catch the power from the wireless charger and channel it into the charge port. The case is smooth to the touch, offers great drop protection and allows the phone to be put on a surface face down without damaging the screen also. It is very well designed.


Aircharge Pads

The pads are of course the bit of technology that transmits the power wirelessly to the case and there are a range of pads available to meet your needs. We tested out two types.

Aircharge Executive Charging Pad

At the more premium end of the scale is the executive charging pad, it is made of heavy chrome with a rubber bottom keeping it from sliding away. To charge your phone you simply drop the case onto the pad, you will hear a beep from the pad to acknowledge the phone arriving and the charging will begin.


From using the pad over some time the pad will detect the phone from any angle that it lands on the device and has sufficient power to quickly and efficiently charge your phone.


I love the feel of the executive charging pad, I like that it is solid and heavy and won’t slide around the desk. Picking up the charging pad itself even feels good in your hands.

Aircharge Slimline Wireless Phone Charger

The second charger that we tested was the slimline version. It of course does the same thing, but it’s smaller, lighter and slips in your pocket.

The Slimline charger I typically use for travelling, as the executive charger has taken the main space on my desk. The Slimline charger is good, but when using it you will need to make sure you have the phone correctly positioned to ensure the phone will charge.


On the side of the device are lights which will acknowledge receiving the phone and light up once the phone is in place and charging. It is a great device very suitable for small spaces and travel.

Wireless Charging Has Changed My Life

I love the process of wireless charging and I’m glad that I no longer have the hassle and tangle of wires with my phone, which is the item I charge the most. I’m also very interested to see where this technology will go and we could be dropping the charging cables off all our other devices in the near future. Find out more at

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