AlcoSense Elite 3 Breathalyzer Review

Celebrating with some alcohol either by yourself or in the company of others is a great way to unwind. However, alcohol and driving don’t mix too well.

The latest statistics suggest that the number of accidents caused by drunk drivers has stayed constant every year since 2010. In fact, as per the latest estimates, one in every twenty accidents in the UK was caused by a drunk driver.

Obviously, many of these people chose to drive while still being under the influence of alcohol because they had wrongly assumed that the alcohol had cleared their system, or they didn’t care in the first place. The human body is amazing but it doesn’t always adhere to a strict timetable when removing alcohol from the system. Sometimes, it can process alcohol really quickly while other times it can get drawn out. The surest way of knowing your blood alcohol level is by using a breathalyzer.

Until quite recently, the reliable ones used to be quite expensive. However, the AlcoSense Elite 3 is an affordable option that is as reliable as any breathalyzer out there.

What makes it special?

The AlcoSense Elite 3 has a lot of features aimed at making every result it produces to be as accurate as possible.

The first step in this direction is taking a larger breath sample. It does this by using air flow sensors. This ensures that air from deep inside the lungs is analysed, giving you a trustworthy result.

Add to that the ability to clean itself. After every test, it will automatically clean its sensors so that the next test isn’t influenced by the one you just took. It also deep cleans itself after a fixed period of time thus ensuring that the sensors do not get oxidised thus not only prolonging the life of the device but also ensuring that the readings produced by it stay accurate over its entire operational lifetime.

It also offers a lot of customisability. You can set the limit according to the local laws of different regions in the UK including the much lower novice driver limit. The results are displayed in increments of 0.01 ‰BAC or mg/L and are colour coded to help you get a fair understanding of the reading.

How to use it?

All these features would be useless if it was more complicated than driving a car. Thankfully, the AlcoSense Elite 3 keeps it simple and straightforward.

All you have to do is switch it on, wait for it to countdown to 0, it will then display a blow symbol on the screen. At this point take a breath and blow into the tube till the device beeps. It will only take a few seconds after which your alcohol level will be displayed. The results will be displayed in green if there is no alcohol or trace amounts of it, amber if it is there but below the limit you set, and red if it is close to or above the limit. This device will also store the last 9 results allowing you to easily keep track of your blood alcohol levels.

At £69.99, this breathalyzer is an affordable way to take out any guesswork and ensure that you never drive under the influence of alcohol.

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