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Aston Martin, Birmingham – Open For Business

This summer the Midlands, UK has seen the introduction of a new Aston Martin dealership situated in Hampton in Arden on the outskirts of Birmingham. The new showroom has received over £500,000 in development looking to make big impact on Aston Martin ownership in Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

Aston Martin, Birmingham – New Showroom

The stylish showroom consists of 5 cars gracefully laid out along a spacious modern design room. Allowing plenty of space to stand back from the cars and really take in their beauty. During my visit to the showroom there was a DB9 GT, Rapide S, 2 x V8 Vantage’s and a V12 Vantage S. You can see from the pictures below what a powerful line up these cars are and they really knock you back when you walk into the room.

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Are You a Car Enthusiast? Everyone is Welcome

Talking to the team at Aston Martin, Birmingham they encourage people into the showroom with welcome arms. It doesn’t matter if you have the cash in your pocket or if you just want to smell the leather and dream big. Next time you pass the showroom feel free to drop in and get up close and personal with the Aston Martin brand yourself.

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It’s clear that the cars are soulfully desirable and more and more people are travelling far and wide to get the car perfect for them. Now with the joys of social media and the internet, Aston Martin Birmingham are getting techie and are able to share pictures and video of the cars even before travelling down to the showroom to see the car in person.

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Buying Experience

The experience of buying a new Aston Martin from the branch is pitched at being an enjoyable experience with transparency built into the process from start to finish. This goes for both new and the Timeless range of used cars. However, if you are buying new, the beauty is that you get to make your own customisations to your car. The dealership has a wall covered in options of external paint colours, leather trim colours and even down to picking the colour of the thread in the leather. Being able to touch all of the options whilst picturing the car in your head really adds to the experience of buying that new car.

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Brand is Stronger Than Ever

It is a competitive market selling top end cars, but Aston Martin still do have a highly exclusive brand that attracts customers in. Aston make some very impressive cars that really fall into their own category. The badge on the bonnet sits at 103 years old at the time of writing and it has never been more exciting for Aston Martin as it is now. The product line is currently super strong and then you consider what is happening over the next few years with the DB11, DBX and AM-RB 001. The brand is as strong as ever and it is great to take a closer look at their new base in Birmingham.

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Aston Martin, Birmingham Store Tour

Take a look around the showroom yourself in the video below. My personal favourite of the cars on display was the DB9 GT.

Dealer locations: Aston Martin, Birmingham, Kenilworth Rd, Hampton in Arden, Birmingham B92 0LR. The Aston Martin dealership is part of Grange and also have two other dealerships in Brentwood & Welwyn Garden City.

The Showroom Pictures

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