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You might not realise it but a great car mat can make a huge difference both to the aesthetics and the functionality of the inside of a car. A good car mat will blend in well with the rest of the car. It will stay put as well. A car mat that moves around is not only uncomfortable, but it is also highly unsafe as well.

The Audi R8, that is the centrepiece of our project, is an otherwise remarkable looking car. However, the inside of this car hasn’t aged that well. It looks rather plain and unremarkable especially when you consider the fact that this is one of the many parts that make up a high-performance car.

As such, I wanted to upgrade the car mats to something a bit more suited to the R8. The replacement had to be of superb quality while being fresh enough to make the inside of the R8 come alive. Most importantly, it had to fit the floor of the R8 perfectly without the need for any modifications.

The folks at offer car mats that fulfil all of these requirements and more and so I decided to try it out in the R8. It left me pretty impressed. Here are some of the things that stood out for me.

Great Quality, Fit and Finish:

The car mats from carmats4u have been designed meticulously to ensure that they are of a high standard. They are made to be durable enough to take the rather punishing life of a car mat in its stride and still look and feel good for a long time to come.

It uses 1200g (1200grm/m2), 1/10 tufted nylon carpet as its main material and this stuff is highly durable while being soft to the touch. This increases the comfort level of the floor of the car considerably and one more reason has now been added to the list of things that make getting inside this car feel like a treat worth savouring.

Excellent Customisation

This is perhaps the biggest selling point of the car mats from carmats4u. The level of customisation that is available here is unmatched. The whole point of upgrading the parts of a car is to make it uniquely yours. Having a custom made car mat installed in the car is a great way to do so. These car mats come in a wide range of colour combos and embellishments.

You have the choice of 10 carpet colours and 10 edge colours. You can also add thick stitching and this comes in 12 colour options and finally, there are different logos you can add to truly make the car mat come alive. In all, this gives you 3600 different combinations to choose from which is just staggering. You can have car mats made for pretty much any car. The mats will usually have a similar mode of attachment to the floor like the standard mat so that you can secure it to the floor without having to make any modifications. In the rare event where they are unable to do so, they will put high-quality velcro on the mats so that they can be fixed securely in place.

I am quite happy with the car mats I got for the R8. It fits the car perfectly and the inside of the Audi now looks and feels so much more refined. Costing just under £50, these floor mats from gets my vote of approval.

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