Audi's Q4 e-tron Gets Bespoke Bridgestone Tyres

Audi’s Q4 e-tron Gets Bespoke Bridgestone Tyres

As we speak of ways to make EV batteries last longer, we’re left trying to eke out as many miles as is possible with what we have today. This includes streamlining the aerodynamics of a car’s silhouette, making it lighter, or using clever tech to manage the range. But how about the tyres? As the part of a car that scrubs against the ground, they too need to be optimised. Bridgestone knows this.

Hence, why they’ve unveiled ENLITEN technology and specification for its current and future crop of EV-focused tyres. And they really do mean, focused on EVs. These summers tyres have been custom engineered to have uber-low rolling resistance. In other words, it’s more efficient and creates less of a drag that could chew through your electric mileage. By up to a 30% improvement, in fact.

The Right Tyres For The Occasion

Following the European labelling standards, that is an A-grade for rolling resistance performance. In addition, Bridgestone’s ENLITEN tyres are also much lighter compared to regular rubber boots. It represents a chunky 20% loss thanks to the extra diet. In all, that should be able to maximise your EV range. Moreover, it can cut down on your environmental impact, thanks to how it’s made.

They ought to work wonders in day-to-day driving too, with great on-road stability. This is crucial for its latest customer. Audi’s picked Bridgestone as the OEM tyre supplier for its first compact, full-EV SUV, the Q4 e-tron. We’ve quite enjoyed our time driving it, and you can soon specify Bridgestone’s bespoke Turanza ECO summer, and Blizzak LM005 winter-tyres with the Q4 e-tron, as well.

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