Auto Glym Super Resin Polish 1

Auto Glym Super Resin Polish: The Product You Need

I got hold of some Auto Glym Super Resin Polish from Com-Truck Ltd to test out just how good of a finish the polish can achieve on an everyday car. Alongside the polish we also had the Auto Glym finishing cloth for applying and removing the solution.

Applying Auto Glym Super Resin Polish

You will need to clean and dry your car before applying the polish. To apply the polish, you simply need to add a small amount on to your cloth at a time. Then apply to the car with a circular motion working the polish in. Apply a little more pressure around damaged or scratched areas. Work on one panel at a time. When a panel is complete work in straight lines over the panel to ensure the polish is evenly spread across the panel.

Auto Glym Super Resin Polish

Removing The Polish And Buffing Up

To remove the dried and hazy polish simply use a clean cloth or dry area of your current cloth to wipe off the excess polish. You will see clearly to your eye that instantly the surface will look more glass like than before. Gently work your way over the panel insuring all polish is removed for a perfect finish.

How Good Is The Auto Glym Super Resin Polish

I have tested a lot of polish in my time and they don’t get any simpler to apply than this one. You will be able to polish your entire car in less that 30 minutes in most cases. The results when you wipe of the haze was the thing that got me the most. The paintwork on the test car here came up fantastically well. It gave a really nice shine and made the paintwork look like glass. I was shocked with how well this worked for the time and effort invested. I will certainly be using this again.

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