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Avoiding Accidents On The Road

Now that the days are getting longer and the weather is finally looking up: most us will be coming out of our winter hibernation and stepping back into the world. This means that there are many more people taking to the roads for day trips, and in turn this can mean a higher risk of danger for you and your family on the road. If you want to keep yourself safe on the road and avoid getting into an accident, here is what you can keep in mind.

Eyes on the road

When you are driving alone or with your family you need to always keep your eyes on the road. It is easy to become distracted by your children shouting in the back seat or landmarks you see passing through your windows, however unless you want to pay out for smash repairs for your mercedes benz; you need to ignore the distractions and stay focused.  Bear in mind that in the summertime there will be children playing by the side of the road, animals crossing over and lots of people in general, if you take your eyes away for even a second you could cause an accident.

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Put your phone away

The only reason that you should have your phone out while you are driving is if you are using it as a sat nav. Texting and taking in the phone is one of the top causes of road collisions and can wind you up in hospital or worse. Do yourself a favour and let people know before you set off on a long journey that you will be driving. Ask them not to call or text you, and let them know that you will catch up with them when you arrive.

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Don’t change your CD

Although in a long trip you might start to get bored of the same 12 songs repeating over and over: don’t be tempted to change the CD while you are trying to drive. It is incredibly dangerous and really isn’t worth the risk. The next time you set off in a long journey, make sure you stick a fresh CD in the player to save the aggro.

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Don’t drink and drive

Drinking alcohol dulls your sense and it also slows down your reaction times. Even if you only have one drink at the pub with your friends, it is much safer for you to either walk home or get someone to drop you off. If you ever plan to go out with your friends make sure you have a designated driver who will stay sober and look after everyone when they are drunk. This will keep you all safe and allow you to travel here and there without the worry.

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Speed limits

Speed limits are there for a reason, but it is all too often that driver will just ignore the limit and drive up to 10 mph faster. This isn’t only dangerous to you and any passengers you could have in the car: but it is also dangerous for other road users. You could end up causing a fatal accident by driving faster than you should.

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