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Avoiding The Negative Stereotype Attached To New Drivers

You’ve just got your license and you’re excited to get out on the road in your brand new car, but you now have to deal with fellow drivers. The road can seem daunting and overwhelming to new drivers such as yourself because you no longer have an instructor sitting beside you; it’s all up to you to master the art of driving safely. Here are some tips to help you avoid the negative stereotype attached to new drivers.

Drive defensively

You should take a course in defensive driving after you get your license. You might have passed the test to say you’re road-ready, but you probably don’t feel it yet. It’s good to get more practice and become a little more confident with tough situations. You always want to be the defensive driver. It’s so easy to lose your head on the road, and many new drivers fall into this trap. That’s why so many accidents happen within the first few months of people getting their license. When you drive aggressively or you find yourself in a bad frame of mind on a particular day, you’re the driver that causes problems on the road, even if you think it might be somebody else. Always focus on being of a stable mental state before getting behind the wheel of your car.

Anything which might affect your thinking ability, such as drinking even a few hours before driving (you can still be drunk even when you think you’ve sobered up) is something you should avoid. Just hail a taxi after a night out. If you’ve already run into problems in this regard then you might need to look into a DUI attorney sooner rather than later. Cases such as that can take you off the road before you’ve even learned how to be a good driver. Remember, your mind is your most important tool when you’re driving. You need to be focused and stable when you’re behind the wheel. Your life is at stake and so are the lives of your passengers or other drivers on the road.

Expect The Unexpected

Nobody ever expects a flat tyre, but millions of people get them whilst they’re on the road. It’s important not to panic in unexpected situations, as that’s the mark of a safe driver. You’re not in a controlled test environment; this is the real world, and unexpected things happen all the time. Pull over to the side of the road if your tyre blows out and call for assistance to check if you’ve done any serious damage to the car. You should always have a spare tyre in the boot, and you’ll need to learn how to change it by yourself. Give the car a test afterwards and check that everything works, but you should be good to go. Watch some YouTube tutorials if in doubt. That’s a good way to learn in the modern age.

Practice Parking

As a final pointer, you should really work on your parking skills. So many drivers manage to avoid the awkward parallel park on their driving test and they think they’ll never have to worry about that again, but what are you going to do if the only spot remaining on a busy street is between two other parked cars? Keep practicing so that, when it actually matters, you’re not keeping a line of traffic waiting to get past.

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