Baseus A3 Car Vacuum Review

Baseus A3 Car Vacuum Review

The advent and rise of COVID brings a stark reminder, among many things, about cleanliness. In our case, making sure our cars are kept as tidy as possible. It’s frightening that even a tiny fragment can bring deadly viruses, germs, and bacteria into our cabins. This being the one place in any car that we thought could keep us safe. Vacuuming is a great place to start, as is proven by the Baseus A3.

We didn’t think there could be much to innovate out of in-car vacuums. But oh were we surprised when snapshots of Baseus’ A3 came out. At first glance, it’s unassuming as a hoover. It has a very peculiar form factor and configuration that some might call counterintuitive to be good at vacuuming. I dare say it’s fair that some might not even know what it is. Be that as it may, it’s actually pretty good.

Strong Suction, And Easy Cleaning

The Baseus A3 is quite powerful, more so than its petite size might suggest. This is thanks in no small part to its meaty 135kW high-speed brushless motor. This should be sufficient to suck up any number of items. Be it as small as allergens and hair, or as large as paper scraps and food wastes. There’s two different suction power that you can adjust on the fly, a mighty 10,000pa or 15,000pa, respectively.

Despite how strong the suction is, the A3 is relatively quiet, too. As a car vacuum, it’s USP is no doubt attributed to its odd shape. The A3 is small enough, and has a tip narrow enough, that it could easily reach into those nooks and crannies. Think of the folds in the seats, or the bit of room near the centre console. Maybe even the aircon vents, or anything in between. It gets even better with attachments.

There are two hoses that come by default. One is your typical brushy tip with a strong suction funnel. The other, more interesting, turns the Baseus A3 into a blower to force out even the most stubborn of dirt. Unlike most vacuum cleaners that keeps all the dust nearer to the bottom, the A3 stores them in the top. This makes it quite easy to access when it comes time to empty it out or clean it.

Baseus’ A3 uses a fine-steel filter with a dual HEPA filtration system. This means that it can capture a whopping 99.99% of fine particles. In other words, it can trap dust as small as 0.3μm in size. Best of all, that HEPA filter is more durable than in most other vacuum cleaners. And, you’re able to clean its filters and storage bin quite easily. The container itself is rather small, but should be sufficient.

Long-Lasting Endurance

Being a cordless vacuum cleaner, you’re of course keen to know more about its endurance. The A3 is more than capable of lasting throughout an entire car cleaning session. It has a very dense 8,000mAh battery, which can last as long as 40 minutes. Or, about 20 minutes with the stronger 15kPa suction. To top it up once you’re done hoovering, you can plug it in through USB-C, including fast-charging.

The metal build quality feels nice to the touch. To top it all off, the A3’s compact silhouette means that you can easily keep it in your car; no harder to store than a bottle. For £89.99, it’s certainly one of the best in-car hoovers we’ve come across.

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