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Ring Automotive Battery Care – Multi Stage Fully Automatic SmartCharger

Those of us that are running a second car, classic car or just a car with an old battery will know the pains of having to charge up car batteries. It can start to become a real nuisance.

Ring – Multi Stage Fully Automatic SmartCharger

However, with the right bit of kit, you can turn your tired battery into a fully charged power starter. This multi stage fully automatic SmartCharger can detect the type of battery you are using and automatically optimise its configuration for the fastest charge possible. The SmartCharger includes repair tools to increase performance and battery life. It also has analysis tools for both the battery and the alternator. This is far more than just a standard battery charger.



The SmartCharger is able to do a start power test, which measures voltage drop during engine start up in order to identify potential battery issues. It can also perform an alternator check to test the recharging performance of the vehicle’s alternator. Finally, a battery cranking performance measures the battery’s cold cranking performance to determine engine starting ability. Who would have thought you could get all this in one little package?



Charging wise, it works at a current up to 12 A and with battery capacities of 25-300 Ah. From a usability perspective, the device is well put together and simple to use. All of the materials the charger uses are well insulated, which takes away any thought of getting a shock from the car you are working on. User manual can be found here.


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