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The Best Drink Driving Prevention Applications

Apart from being breathalysed, there is no sure-fire way to determine if you’ve exceeded drink driving limit. To gain insight into how close to or over the limit you are, you can consult these applications.


As smartphones are becoming ever more ubiquitous so are the applications that accompany them. It was only a matter of time before developers saw the need to create a way for drivers to be sure that they were below the legal alcohol limit before driving. BACtrack is the leading application for those looking to ascertain how much alcohol is in their system. The application requires the attachment of a breathalyser specifically designed for the app. The most basic model allows you to take a breathalyser test, track your results, call an Uber, and gives you a timeline of when you should return to 0.0%.


This application calculates your blood alcohol content by using a number of metrics. The creators stress that the app should be used as a preventative measure and urge users to use it at the beginning of the night rather than the end. The app takes into account your sex, weight, duration of drinking, the alcohol content of what you drank, as well as what you’ve eaten. While the app is not precise, it is widely considered one of the most reputable tools for determining the alcohol level of an individual.

Morning After

The Morning After application is a product of the Morning After campaign which kicked off in 2006. The website prides itself on being the go-to source of information for those wishing to learn more about how they’re affected the morning after a night of imbibing. The UK application allows users to input the specific alcoholic beverage they consumed along with body characteristics and the duration of time you’ve been drinking. It also takes into account how long it takes for alcohol to enter your bloodstream – a specific point that other applications overlook.


The use of SaferRide is advised when you’re aware of your inability to drive and need an application that’s simple and will get you to a safe place as quickly as possible. SaferRide gives its users three non-negotiable options that are easy to use, even for those a little worse for wear. The app opens up to a front page consisting of three options: get taxi, call friend, and where am I? The self-explanatory options quickly connect you with a service or friend that can come for you when you’re in need.

No matter the steps you take to ensure that you’re under the legal limit when you take the wheel, remember that applications are fallible. Mistakes can be made and the law can come down on you hard. If that happens, you should equip yourself with legal help and the guidance provided by drink driving specialists.

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