Bilstein B4 Air Suspension: 100% New For Complete Satisfaction

Whether it’s for the street, track or fully-fledged racing, many of us have considered the ride height or comfort available for our vehicles to maximise our driving experience. Despite manufacturers providing ever sportier setups and ride heights, there’s always a little more performance to be enjoyed or a tad more smoothness to be found. 

When it comes to suspension, Bilstein is usually the first port of call. Air suspension has long been considered initially expensive, somewhat unreliable at times and costly when in need of repair. However, Bilstein, alongside Mercedes Benz, developed their revolutionary gas pressure technology way back in 1957 which until today, has remained a fundamental contribution to active driving safety. The benefits to both comfort, performance and safety are well worth considering when comparing against the initial costs. 

Trust Is Found In Safety And Comfort

The Bilstein air suspension principle operates across four points. More favourable level adjustment for all loading conditions, greater availability of aerodynamic or off-road positions, the ability to make very quick adjustments to changing road and vehicle conditions, and excellent levels of comfort with perfect driving characteristics. All are provided with maximum security thanks to high power reserves. 

Bilstein is uncompromising in the quality of its air suspension modules and it would appear that its longevity in the marketplace has culminated in the widespread availability of inferior spare parts. These have been deemed to be of significantly lower quality and often with restricted functions, and the marketplace is awash with them.

When the time comes to repair or replace your air suspension module, all or nothing really is the best way to go. Using Bilstein B4 air suspension ensures that 100% of the product is made using completely new parts. Keeping away from remanufactured parts ensures the whole item is replaced, rather than just the air spring. 

Remanufactured Leads To Cheap And Inferior

A remanufactured part will mean the old shock absorber, including the electromagnetic control valve will be retained. Consequently, it’s not possible to determine how many thousands of miles these components may have done, leaving the damping force to potentially differ significantly with regards to individual wheels and it seriously questions how long the valve may continue functioning. 

By installing a cheaper inferior part as a replacement, there is a great risk of that product not providing the functionality the vehicle requires. A cheaper spare part can take away all alternative functions of the suspension with the potential to radically reduce the driving safety of the car. If the part is fitted with a purely passive electromagnetic control valve, not only will the comfort and performance of the vehicle be seriously reduced, but will, above all, pose a real security risk as well. 

As Bilstein say, 0% old parts present 0% risk and there really is no substitute for safety. With 100% original manufacturer quality, tested to the most demanding of conditions, the quality choice is often the right choice.

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