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Bizarre Reasons That Cars Break Down

According to Compare the Market, the top five reasons for a car breaking down are a flat battery, alternator malfunction, damage to the tyres or wheels, electrical issues and strangely, not being able to get into your own car. Immobilisers and car keys have become so complex that sometimes they won’t let us get into our own vehicles! This isn’t by any means the most bizarre and strange reason that a car might break down though, mechanics have found all manner of peculiar problems with cars and some downright weird things underneath the hood.

Rattus Rattus

When the weather gets cold rats often look for somewhere warm to make a nest in. Under the bonnet of a car, next to an engine that’s just been turned off, is a good spot. Rats and mice nesting in engine bays are extremely common, and they will often cause a lot of damage, nibbling through wires to make the perfect nest space. Having your car fumigated is often the best way of dealing with pest problems. It’s worth getting in the professionals, so that they can also deal with any fleas from the vermin that could be in your car upholstery. Hub Starters and Alternators garage in Malden found one vehicle that had a travelling buffet under the bonnet that the rats had brought into the car to nibble, including pizza slices and a popcorn box.

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Those Pesky Squirrels

It’s not just the rats that are attracted to the warmth and safety of your car, grey squirrels are also a problem, particularly in urban areas. Not only do they like to nest in those warm areas, but the biggest problem is squirrels using your car as a safehouse for their stash. Those little acorns can get into every nook and cranny of your vehicle causing damage. Eddie Kane from Tadi Brothers Autoshop had a car brought in and found not only acorns stored in the gaps around the parking sensor, but also a giant stash in the glove compartment.

Too Much Trash

Some people just don’t keep their cars clean. Mastertech Autocare have reported some bizarre discoveries found in cars over the years, including a watermelon that had baked when the car was left in the sun, and some cereal that had got through to the cabin filter. Sometimes the dirt and rubbish can get so bad in people’s cars that it affects the driveability. Items getting wedged under the pedals is a relatively common problem – if your car is so messy that you end up with items under the pedals, then according to the Highway Code, you could actually be subject to a hefty fine. Hampshire police even found one car that was piled high with so much rubbish that the driver couldn’t find the handbrake to stop, causing an accident.

It’s not always as simple as a flat battery when a car breaks down. If you hear a rattling sound, it might be worth checking for the stash of acorns.

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