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GoPro Teams Up with BMW Enabling in Car GoPro Control

GoPro and BMW have recently teamed up, so now it’s never been easier to record your hoonage antics. A selection of new model BMW cars will soon be able to control GoPro cameras directly from the dash. Just click record on the dash of the car and the connected GoPro cameras will be remotely activated.


Starting in July, the owner of a 2012 or later, properly equipped, BMW or Mini will be able to control Wi-Fi-enabled GoPro cameras. The GoPro app has to be installed on an iPhone connected to the BMW. Once connected, the driver can select the GoPro app through the BMW Connected Drive or Mini Connected menu.

From the dash, drivers can view the camera’s field of view and control recording. The camera streams near-live video to the dash while the vehicle is stationary. But once the wheels turn the preview is no longer displayed.


GoPro Wi-Fi-enabled

GoPro introduced the Wi-Fi-enabled GoPro Hero 3+ camera that allows owners to use smartphone apps to preview camera placement and initiate recording. BMW takes that concept one step further.

This sort of integration is the next step for gadget makers. Car companies are increasingly looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the rest and embracing brands, like GoPro, Apple, and Google, is a key way to gain an edge.

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