BMW Shows Off Its Swanky Colour-Changing EV Concept

Though this isn’t really an issue that many people come across… Don’t you get a wee bit tired of how your car looks, sometimes? One wonders if perhaps, at an instant, you could press a button and instantly change the colour of your car. Well, it’s at least one step closer to reality, with BMW previewing its latest concept car, the cute-looking and very vivid, i Vision Dee.

Oh, and while Dee is an adorable name, it actually stands for ‘Digital Emotional Experience’. It would showcase many firsts and new advancements for BMW. For starters, this i Vision Dee is built atop BMW’s highly-anticipated Neue Klasse platform. The latter of which will underpin a plethora of bespoke EVs to come from BMW, in the near future. Then, there’s the tech.

Bolder, Techier, And More Colourful

On top of that, BMW really wants this i Vision Dee to blend the real and digital worlds into an entity of its own. With a large heads-up display that spans across the entire length of the car, you might find it tough to separate what’s pixels and what’s not. If you don’t need to stare at the sun, just fade out the windows and turn the interior into a mixed-reality sandbox.

But, what really caught my eye is BMW’s persistence in testing out e-ink technology. BMW is now putting e-ink panels on the outside of the car. And, unlike prior attempts, it’s capable of changing between 32 bright colours, instead of just shades of monochrome. With 240 panels, you really could design and create your very own (and cute) BMW Art Car, at a whim.

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