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BMW Vision Next 100: A glimpse into the future from BMW

BMW celebrates 100 years with a look into the next 100

To celebrate their centenary year BMW have created four concepts aimed at looking at the next 100 years for the BMW motoring group, including a BMW, a Rolls Royce, a Mini and a Motorbike. All four concepts are futuristic looks at the next stage of motoring. BMW say they are celebrating their centenary under the motto the next 100 years. BMW say: “Throughout its history the company has placed its sights firmly on the future and this has become embedded in the BMW Group’s DNA. So for the Centenary it is natural that the Group is focusing primarily on looking to the future and sharing its vision of personal mobility two or three decades from now.”


BMW Vision Next 100

The first of the 4 concepts is the BMW Vision Next 100, a car that BMW say: “Remains a genuine BMW, offering an intense experience of Sheer Driving Pleasure”. BMW also admit that the future of driving is autonomous and maintain they still want to let the car do the work but only when the driver wants it to. BMW intend to implement a hybrid autonomous system where you flick a switch and you have control of the car, known as ‘Boost Mode’ otherwise the car remains autonomous, which BMW call ‘Ease Mode’. BMW continue to say despite the move to autonomous cars the focus should still be on the driver.


“A BMW is about looking to the next bend in the road, feeling the power of the engine and enjoying the sense of speed; it’s about the sensory experience, the adrenaline rush or that intimate moment at which a journey begins, be it for a lone driver or one travelling with a close friend or loved one. Moving into the future, that’s not set to change – because the emotional experience of mobility is firmly fixed in our collective corporate memory. By keeping the driver firmly in the foreground, the BMW VISION NEXT 100 will heighten this emotional experience in an unprecedented way.”


Mini Vision Next 100

Mini has been going from strength to strength under the ownership of BMW and the partnership is set for the next 100 years if you’re listening to BMW. The philosophy behind the Mini Vision is that “Every Mini is my Mini”. BMW want to create a ride sharing service in which you use an app on your phone to call a Mini and when it arrives it is completely adapted to your specifications. “The MINI uses projections adapted to the driver in terms of colour, graphics and content to create a personalised experience and customised package of on-board information.” BMW also want to reassure people that: “In the future driving a Mini must still be fun, to the extent that drivers will prefer to drive themselves as often as possible. The mechanical experience of speed and the feeling of nipping swiftly through twists and turns are part of what makes a MINI a MINI.”


“Sharing cars, homes and goods is ever-more common, as digitalisation, connectivity and artificial intelligence make processes simpler and more automated. The MINI VISION NEXT 100 can bring together a community of likeminded people, with a shared MINI lifestyle in common. Everybody benefits from everybody. And mobility opens up inspirational experiences yet stands by its sustainable approach and prudent use of resources.”


The Rolls Royce Vision Next 100

A Rolls Royce is the epitomy of luxury, you think expensive you think of Rolls Royce, BMW’s future for Rolls if for it to maintain this reputation of extravagance, with BMW head of design Adrian van Hooydonk, saying: “In celebration of this pioneering spirit, the Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 has been designed as the ultimate expression of the future of super-luxury mobility. It is an enlightening vision of the fascinating possibilities of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in the future.” The RR Vision Next 100 however is sadly only a look into the future the first solely concept car in the 112 year history of Rolls Royce. The future of Rolls Royce is looking to be solely electric, and is designed to be completely customizable to the owners wants and needs: “From the wheelbase to the design of the body, its various specifications and equipment can be tailored specifically to suit the needs of the individual customer.”


“In the spirit of the great coachbuilt cars of the past, Rolls-Royce will create the chassis of the future, hand-built from the most advanced materials and powered by a zero emissions powertrain. Innovative manufacturing technologies will enable customers to involve themselves in the style and proportion of their personal Rolls-Royce vision. They will be able to commission their very own cars shaped by Rolls-Royce designers to their personal tastes – unique bespoke masterpieces curated as a fingerprint of their owner.”


BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100

“Motorcycling is about escaping from the everyday: the moment you straddle your bike, you are absolutely free. Your bike is The Great Escape”, says Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design at BMW Motorrad BMW’s motorbike division has always maintained that the rider and bike work as a team to create the best performance and experience. The zero emissions engine for the bike specially morphs in shape depending on the situation, if the bike is parked the engine remains small and compact, however once the bike moves off it extends outwards to enhance aerodynamics and protect the rider from the elements. Despite moving to the future BMW have tried to retain its traditional looks: “The iconic elements in the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 make it immediately recognisable as a “genuine BMW” and include the black frame triangle, white lines and classic, boxer engine forms.”


“Liberated from the need to wear a helmet and protective clothing, the rider is able to enjoy the forces: acceleration, wind and nature as in touch with the surrounding world, savouring every moment. The design of the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 represents the essence of the motorcycle: the perfect synthesis between human and machine.”


The Future of BMW all but confirmed?

Overall the future of BMW looks bright, innovation and technology accelerates at such a rate that in only 50 years these vehicles may look silly and obsolete. But right now this is a very interesting look at how BMW wants their future to continue. BMW’s brands are iconic throughout history and are instantly recognizable, these future models may look nothing like what we know but underneath they maintain the ideals and traditions of their predecessors.

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