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Boost Your Motorcycle’s Performance & Increase Lifespan


If you are a keen biker, you will know that the main thing of concern is the machine between your legs. If you want to get as much as you can out of your motorcycle riding, you will probably find that you need to find a way to keep its performance up. Even the best bikes can go through periods of being a little slow or nagging, and it helps to have an understanding of what you can do here to improve it. Similarly, knowing how and why to improve its lifespan will help you to get more out of it, and to enjoy it much more for longer. Let’s have a look at some of the top ways you can achieve both of these aims.

High-Performance Tyres

The tyres say a lot about your motorcycle. If you are not paying attention to them, then you might actually be putting yourself and your bike in surprising danger. You need to look after your tyres, but you also just need to make sure that you treat yourself to the best you can afford. High-performance tyres are a great way to ensure that your motorcycle will avoid skidding and slipping, and will give you a better sense of having real power over the bike. With the right tyres you can also expect to be in a better position legally should anything happen and you need to contact a motorcycle injury lawyer, as showing that you are thinking of safety will work in your favor.

Air Filter

You need to make sure you replace the air filter on a regular basis. If you don’t, you might be surprised at just how many problems it can cause for your vehicle. Even better, you might want to think about replacing your air filter altogether with an aftermarket unit, as this will enable the air flow to be enhanced, but also improve filtration. In all, this will do great things for your performance, and help to keep your bike on the road for much longer too. And the great news is that that small change is something that can be done quick and cheaply with any mechanic, so it is well worth doing.


You probably want to spend some time adjusting your controls if you are to get as much as possible out of your bike’s performance. Adjusting the controls can affect your comfort levels, and even just that can make a significant difference to the lifespan and performance of your motorcycle. For each control, you want to check that it is comfortable and in a natural position, with no stretching required. If you get this just right, you will be able to focus more on the operation of the vehicle than on worrying about these small matters – and that will help you out hugely in the long run.

With these simple changes, you can expect to radically boost the performance and lifespan of your bike, giving you more chance to fully enjoy the ride.

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