Ben Bush and Jane Robinson

Bridgestone Offer Customers The Ultimate Driving Prize

The Annual MOT Test…

Just imagine for a second. You are taking your car in for its annual MOT and you’re sitting around, suddenly realising how much you rely on your mechanical friend, and waiting in a dull house as people give you lifts everywhere. You sit there, just hoping that everything passes, otherwise you might have to pay out outrageous amounts. This yearly occurrence is rarely anything to look forward to…

2016 BMW 1 Series

Jane Robinson, from Lincolnshire, would disagree, when her standard MOT ended in driving away a brand new BMW 1 Series. And these aren’t cheap cars, either, selling for prices up to £20,000.

With a 0-62 mph time of 8.5 seconds, and delivering up to 52.3 mpg, the car is a great mix of sport and practicality. And that styling. In a small car, that’s to die for.

The Competition

After taking her family car to Bush Tyres in Grimsby, for nothing other than its usual check up and a set of Bridgestone tyres, Jane entered the competition. She stated that they were certain they’d need new tyres, due to the large amount of travelling that the 65 year old and her husband undertake with their grandson.

In her words:

“We entered the competition and completely forgot about it. When we received the call last week, I was lost for words. I can’t wait to take my first drive in the car. I’ll make sure that I get into the driver’s seat before my husband does!”

Bridgestone say that the competitions have always been popular with customers, and praised Bush Tyres for being very encouraging in persuading their clients to enter. This time, the competition was run over August and September of this year. Bush Tyres offer MOTs as well as high quality tyres, across their 18 garages located in the North East.

Go For It

So, you never know. If you see one of these, what’s the harm in entering? If there’s even a chance to win a new BMW 1 Series, I’m sure Jane would tell you to go for it!

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